Breaking in the blog… Beginnings

I feel rather odd blogging without being a fangirl or a mom. I’m not sure what I would talk about without those subjects, and without some pictures or visual interests… But, I need to do this. Why? Because I want to publish stories, write films, and make a living from it. It’s a rediscovered passion of mine…

san diego… mission beach

Years ago, about the mid 2000s, I took an aptitude test. The results were shocking to me. It said I would be happiest with writing. I can guarantee I laughed something wicked over that test result. I abhorred writing anything. Whatever I had to say, I said it with images or art, not words. I wouldn’t even try.

Then I watched a little movie called Waiting. Yeah, the one with Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long, Anna Farris… and Dane Cook. Well, by the end of that movie, I thought Dane Cook should be the star in his own movie… He seemed like a RomCom sort of guy… Or maybe I just really like RomComs. Within three hours of that movie ending, I had the whole story mapped out, beginning to end. I just didn’t know what to do with it.

Fastforward a few years… this is where I’m going to mention what most call the dreaded ‘T’ books… Twilight. I know, most people put it down, but after watching the movie, I tore through all four books in four days. There were a few burning questions I had, some about the books themselves (Rosalie’s car thing for sure), but I had other questions that were in the realm of what would have happened if…

A month after that, an online friend (and fellow fangirl) told me about a fanfiction story called The Office. (Now pubbed as Beautiful Bastard) Well, a whole new world was opened to me. I had no idea you could write stories about stories that were written. So I wrote one. A fanfiction that, to this day, still gets read and favorited (Thank you readers). I’m proud of it… sort of. I like the story, I like the outcome, but it wasn’t my characters, my locations… But when it was complete, I was proud. It was sort of my baby.

Somehow, that story led to a few more fictions (my favorites are the Friends/Twi story and the one about a nerd who was bullied…). It was a process. A journey. A discovery. I felt like I hadn’t felt in years, since I was a teenager writing the sequel to Goonies and some hospital drama story… that probably could have been a very early Grey’s Anatomy or General Hospital type thing because I wanted Michael J Fox to be in a drama.

By September that year, I had screenwriting software and was writing out the screenplay for the RomCom I wanted Dane Cook to star in. That led to another screenplay that is the deconstrction of a RomCom… Which led to another, and another, and yet another. But when my stories became too complex for a screen without making a nine hour movie, it was time to move onto writing novel style.

And that’s where I find myself today. The first novel series I’ve ever written is almost complete and ready to head out for queries… I’m nervous. The word count thing is really eating at me. But somehow, all the self-doubt is worth it. I finally found a little niche in the world were I feel like I belong. I wouldn’t change anything I have done, except for not listening to people who told me writing was a waste of my time or my stories were too weird/complex for anyone…

I am going to do this. It’s already in the works. The timer is set to see how long it takes me to get this trilogy published. It’s literally my baby. Deep Breath.*

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One response to “Breaking in the blog… Beginnings

  1. Georgi Magrady

    You go girl! I have so often had the same kinds if ideas, sort of like spin offs of what it might have been for such and such a character before or after their role in the film/show/book, or perhaps what life is really like for a so called minor character, is that kind if what you mean? I have also thought about expounding on things like overviews of stories, such as you might find in the scriptures (where incredible detail would be far too cumbersome) or newspaper articles about people and their experiences. I’ve felt this way for years but have done little about it but ruminate on them all the time. I truly applaud you for your hard work and courage, and wish you all the best!!
    Georgi 🙂


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