The other day I was on Twitter–surprise, surprise–and I read this quote…

Unfortunately I didn’t favorite it, but it was an absurd quote, so I wouldn’t have bothered. I know it had something to do with how you should just write and quit saying muse this and muse that. Let me tell you, without muses, I would find it more difficult to write. Nothing would be written, period.

I’m not sure how it is for most authors, but for me, before I can write a word beyond a basic plot sentence and maybe a title, I tend to cast people in roles. It doesn’t matter what I’m writing–a screenplay, a story, a note. I have certain traits in mind of what I want my characters to have, whether physical,  psychological or emotional. I need to hear their voice and see how they move. I watch as they interact with people.

No matter the story, I have a muse. The books I’ve almost finished have plenty of muses. Three of the four main characters have been inspired by real people. That’s not to say their representations are exact, just something these people have said or done or even a particular trait that appeals to me was needed for the characters. Even as far down as secondary and tertiary characters, there is a little of something that was inspired by someone real.

Without a muse, I would not have figured out one of the two main characters a few years ago. Without the same muse, I would not have had my eyes opened to how the other main character would feel in certain instances. Without the muse, this story would have never been born beyond a title and basic premise.

To create without a muse is good idea, and if you can do it, you should be proud. As for me, I’ll keep running the scenes in my mind with the people I have in place, watching as though they were in a movie of my story.

Many thanks to my Muse.

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