I feel a zillion times better…

The smartest thing (and dumbest thing) I did was to sign up for the online seminar about authoring a YA novel given
by {Writer’s Digest} orated by {Carlie Webber}. (<~~~those are links)

Almost every worry I had is now gone… GONE! My word count issue is okay… Ish. I could cut about 2,000 more words to get more interest, but I refuse to cut plot.
I was concerned about subject matter and verbiage… Not a worry any more.
Anything I had in mind for where I had taken the characters and where they were/are going fits. The suggestions of how/what to write, I had complete, if not a step beyond. (And found out that naming things by name is more helpful than not. As long as it’s relative and not slanderous.) Done and done.

Yeah, I sort of broke a few rules, but there are books they pointed out specifically that broke some rules, and were still published. It’s not a worry for me.

I also had an answer to something that had been on my mind. (Outside of the word count) I asked whether I should query the first book or the whole trilogy. She told me to finish the first book and get it queried out, then when an agent has an interest, I can mention and pimp out the other two books, even if they are in progress.

Looks like I’ll be querying very soon. Book one is done!

PS… About the dumbest thing… With this seminar, I had the opportunity to send in my first 500 words for a review and critique from the literary agent… Well, I submitted those words, but… This morning I realized I didn’t include a cover page… although it never said cover page. (>.<) D’OH! So, I fixed it… I’ll probably be DQ’ed for double submission or something… Oh well…

I need to go run around and expel some of my hyper energy now! (I’m totally jumping around and happy dancing right now!)

PSS… (Or is it PPS? I’ll never get that straight.) Thanks to the muse for putting a new idea into my head this morning… It’s something we’d have to totally collaborate on… Didn’t you read my fortune cookie slip? One project at a time… Now I have four in my head.
Great! ❤ u!

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