Coming out of my fan fictional closet…

Quit looking at me like that…

I’ve already admitted to writing fan fiction in a previous post, but after some thought and consideration, I’ve decided to share a few of the cleaner stories through here… and eventually some of the smuttier ones after I can clean them up. Maybe.

I’m starting off with a few of my favorites. Ones that are safe for everyone. If these stories were video games, they’d be rated E for everyone. I would give a TV rating of TV-14. And the movie rating would be PG, although I think my movie rating guidelines are more lenient than those of the MPAA… just saying.

I’ve debated whether or not to leave the characters as is or to change the names to protect the innocent and not chase off those Twilight haters. I promise that if the names are Twilight, it’s because the characters possess the qualities I need for the story. I’m crossing my heart here… Please don’t let it chase you off.

Here are the two I’m starting off with… Click the titles to read the stories.

Originally titled: They Called me Ednerd
Link :
This story was written for a one-shot contest–Googleward Challenge. The names have been changed, all but Edward… because then you couldn’t have Ednerd… It’s told from the point of view of a nerdy, socially awkward, bullied senior in high school. With the help of his friend, Google, he could learn almost anything about girls.

Originally Titled: The One with the Important Dinner
This won second place in the judge’s choice for best Twilight/Friends crossover. It’s a take on many Friends episodes. The names remained unchanged, because I just love this one too much. And maybe this one is R on the MPAA scale… Still cracks me up though… If you don’t know Friends, you probably won’t understand this story at all.
Disclaimer: Friends is intellectual property of Warner Bros television, and Twilight is all Stephenie Meyers. I just melted them together and came up with this…


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