The contest…

Colors of My Soul
posted a contest yesterday… or I just noticed the tweet. Using 500 words or less and a picture prompt, write a story. Well, of course I took the challenge. I mean, the story  popped into my head the second I saw the picture.

This is their photo prompt. It’s owned by the Colors of My Soul.

contest prompt owned by

The story is:

Flickers of Us

The first fireworks I watched as a five-year-old were amazing. My dad held me up on his shoulders, giving me an unobstructed view of the large, bright white, fiery blooms. The booms rattled in my chest. The gun powder wafted across the lake and into my nose. The sight that caught my eye was something to behold.

It was you. Your mother and father were holding your hands. Your smile was more radiant than the display above. Your long brown hair waved in the gentle summer breeze. I would venture to say it love at first sight, but we were small children then.

Ten years later, my family and I went to the fair. With the agreement we’d meet after the night was over, I was allowed to go off on my own. The line for the Ferris wheel was long and winding. The second I made it to the swinging bench, I was declared a lonely bucket. Then you showed from the line to take the seat by my side.

As we rode, the fireworks above played in the sky over our heads. Various colors from the spectrum danced in your eyes as you and I discussed the view we had, swinging from the bucket at the top of the wheel. Before long, my hand found yours, my heart as well. I never told you I had it planned with your friends.

The following year, we were on a blanket in the field on the other side of the lake. The fiery flowers burned intensely in the evening sky as red-hot as my love for you. It was there we took the next step in our relationship, losing our virginities as the lights flickered on our skin. In that moment, I knew I’d love you forever.

Two years later, we were in that same field on that same blanket just having graduated high school the month before. The fireworks above seemed to die away quickly, the colors dim. It was that night you broke up with me, claiming you didn’t want a long distance relationship with a guy during your college years. My heart broke, fizzling away into nothingness like those sparks in the sky.

That was a year ago.

Here I sit on our blanket in our field. As I watch the blue flickers of light flash above, I daydream about us. I miss you, my heart empty now. I wish you would show and tell me what a mistake it was to leave me. I want to make you mine forever, the ring in my hand attesting to what I feel. I love you.


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One response to “The contest…

  1. kitt

    Oh no, I thought this was going to be all Katy Perry song-y
    and instead I’m left feeling so empty.
    So much longing.

    Nice job!


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