Surprisingly, I have votes on the short story contest. Weird…

It’s like 3 out of 5 stars, but that’s awesome considering I didn’t think I’d get any votes at all. Comparatively, my story is all romantic (ish) while others are more political or young… More proof that I’m a romantic at heart.

So, the query quest…

So far I’ve received three emails saying they received my submission. Then three agents have said no. I’m not upset by it.
The only things they’ve told me about my submissions so far are:

1) You don’t have enough public voice/you’re unpublished.
2) The genre wasn’t something they wanted to represent.

As far as being unpubbed, I can only get that credit when I get published. No biggie. Except when it comes to all of them saying no. The only credits they’ll accept for being published is to have an agent and go through a publisher. They won’t accept self-publishing as anything, even if your story has sold millions or has had a tremendous amount of buzz surrounding it. It’s something I’m keeping in mind for this trilogy…

What is the best possible route to take if the queries lead me no where?

As for the genre, this story doesn’t quite qualify as one genre. There’s like ten different things going on in these books (and why my high word counts). Somehow I’ve managed to create an intricate story that doesn’t quite fit in most publishing standards today. Again, it’s what I’m keeping in mind as I go through all of this. Will a story like this ever make it out there or will I have to self-publish it on Amazon or under the blog I have specifically for this story and let people read it on their own?

As I go, I’m learning. Big lessons are still headed my way. I guess I’m sort of hoping for an agent to tell me they hated my story and why. Give me something concrete that I can fix or improve upon so that this baby of mine can spread her wings and fly out into the world. I’m sure when that happens, you all will hear all about it, and how much I cried and laughed as I read that email.

Thanks for reading!

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