Book boyfriends…

Jackson Rathbone from Sundance 2012 – I own this alter

I admit, I’ve had quite a few in my life… But I wouldn’t say I’m easy. No, not at all.

Much like the loves in my life, and the celebs I adore, I remember each and every one of them. They have added something to me, brought forth imagination from the far corners of my mind… And each one still holds a special place in my heart.

The first was a pig named Wilbur. I so wanted to be Fern, sitting on her stool and talking with that pink, little piggy and his animal friends. I just couldn’t get enough of Wilbur. Even built him a house from legos… Yep.

A few years later, I was all over a [human] boy named Milo. He was as bored with life as I was. That one summer, he took me through a tollbooth into lands of weirdness and big words on such a fun adventure. A big plus was his friend, a Watchdog named Tock and his little convertible car. It was too cool!

In high school, I moved on to much older men.

Anyone remember a romance series about the Calder family from Montana? I do. That was some majorly hot, hotness there… although, I would never admit to liking a cowboy. Ty Calder made for a good read. (see Calder Born, Calder Bred by Janet Dailey… please note I was in ninth or tenth grade when I read that.) I read and re-read my favorite parts of that series… and I can promise it wasn’t the sex scenes.

But then, for a long while, I was in a dry spell. No book boyfriends in sight. I wasn’t going to fall for the dad, Louis Creed, who went nuts when his son died (Pet Sematary) nor was I going to like the dude who ate himself (Skeleton Crew short story). And while I could relate and understand the POV of Calhoun Mooney, I never fell for him in Weaveworld. I flirted with Gilbert Grape in the Hedges’ novel, but that was as close as we ever got.

Then Twilight hit my sights… I had to have been reeling from the long dry spell. I not only had one book boyfriend in there, but three. All Cullen boys. Edward. Jasper. Emmett. Those guys were the best. I adore them so much. We have spent a lot of time together. And while we never officially broke up, we have grown apart these past few years. Emmett was deemed as more of a brother type to me. Edward and Jasper battled it out, but eventually Jasper won… Even so, we don’t talk much anymore… Sort of sad.

Part of that break-up was caused by a young Jacob Jankowski (Water for Elephants) coming in on his circus train and winning my heart. Oh, and  I can’t forget Colin Shea… The hotty Irishman across the hall… Yum. (20 Times a Lady/What’s Your Number?) The Bastard himself… Bennett Ryan, but that affair took place when he was still under the name Edward… There are a few more that I’m just getting to know (to be mentioned at some point) and a few I could never get behind–Bill Compton (Sookie Stackhouse series), Peeta and Gale (Hunger Games Trilogy).

But now, I have a new type of book boyfriend. Or two. Or twenty. He lives in the pages of my manuscript(s). His home is private and only I and possibly two others know his location. I adore him… He’s not the epitome of perfection. He owns my heart, though. I’ve cried with him; I’ve cried for him. More than any other Book Boyfriend out there. One day (soon or not) he’ll be out in the world, and I’m going to have to share him. It’s a difficult thought. I like having him to myself. Of course, I could be reading too much into what a wonderful person he really is and everyone else would hate him. IDK…

So I leave you all with the question:

Who is/are your Book Boyfriend(s) and why?


Karyn Bosnak’s site: Pretty in the City
20 Times a Lady/What’s Your Number?

Sara Gruen’s site: Water For Elephants

Peter Hedges’ site: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Stephenie Meyer’s site: Twilight Saga


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