Those unexplainable moments…

There are just some things in some stories that make me think overtime. I don’t mean the whole story or a sub-story, I’m talking about some little mundane thing that happens and it doesn’t correlate with the character and who they are as they’ve been told to me throughout the story. I usually call those things a “Rosalie’s car” moment. Yes, it refers to Twilight (yet again). Let me explain…

In Twilight, the first one, Edward mentions how Rosalie’s red Mercedes convertible is ostentatious. Then in Breaking Dawn, the last one, Edward buys Bella a Ferrari… which if I’m not mistaken is far more ostentatious in a small town than the Mercedes. Am I right?

I’ve had discussions about this, the most recent theory floating my way is that Edward wanted something for Bella to drive other than the motorcycle… I still say… OSTENTATIOUS! It goes against his formally lodged complaint in the first book. It irks me so much…

But don’t think that I only find or discover a ‘Rosalie’s car moment’ in Twilight only. There is the Superman oopsie that I’m surprised that no one else has mentioned before now… (that I know of anyway)… In the original story, Superman can see through things with his x-ray vision. Fine and dandy. I can get behind that. The Man of Steel is from Krypton. But what gets me is that in those old shows and comics from the 50s, 60s, and 70s is that Superman can see through walls. Well, in the Christopher Reeve carnation of the character, he is on the roof with Lois Lane. She asks him what color her undergarments were and he says he can’t tell her. Why? Because of the lead content in the thing she was behind. Well, hate to say it, but he wouldn’t have been able to see through the walls in the 50s, 60s, and 70s… due to lead content in the paint. :-/ IDK…

Time and time again, I notice these things. (BTTF has a few ‘Rosalie’s car moments’ and I love BTTF… they do irk me though.)

Keeping that in mind as I write, I try not to have a Rosalie’s car moment. If something suddenly doesn’t make sense, I fix it. I read and re-read a zillion and a half times to make sure I haven’t created such a gaffe. The problem with that seems to be that every little detail in the trilogy (and other stories I have done) becomes pertinent. I think it aids in my astronomical word counts… And if I take out just the one thing, my whole story will shift.

I’m not sure if it makes a a better author for not having those moments or not. It makes me über picky when I read/watch something… Being an author should be fun, and it is. It should be a form of expression, a confessional, a way to share ideas that maybe no one else has thought of… And it is. I have to learn to let go of those moments, because I think they’ll hold me back.

Do those imperfections make me hate the stories? No. So why do I worry? Am I the only one detail oriented in this way?

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  1. No.They irk me too. Talking about Twilight again….how come that in the ballet studio Bella’s bleeding all over the place yet Jasper doesn’t have a reaction to it(granted he’s tearing James into pieces,but a vampire’s mind is supposed to work simultaneously on many levels according to Ms.Meyer) but in. New Moon Bella suddenly becomes the most appetising food ever?Given that he’s alone with Bella on a previous occasion,what makes him decide that she is food not friend. And as much as I love the book,it constantly bugs me. And Alice,how did she not see about the paper-cut given that the gift was not a spur of the moment decision.
    One could explain away that since Jasper is an empath he can feel the bloodlust where one of them was feeling the bloodlust for his singer.But what about Alice? And Bella’s periods.What about those times?
    I could go on about other books too but I think I’ll give it a rest.Hmm.All the best with your novel.


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