It’s been a while.

Between Comic Con and now a move, I’ve been so busy.

While I’ve been packing, I’ve been thinking about the trilogy I’ve written. I’ve been thinking about a few other stories, too. I’ve managed to come to a few conclusions with a few solid decisions for what I need to do with my stories.

Since attending the agent panel at Comic Con, I have so much information about finding an agent. My word count question was finally answered. Each of the six or seven agents on the panel said they do not consider word count when looking through the query pile. So, with the first story of the trilogy, I have decided to revert back to the better draft, the larger word count draft and requery towards November or December, maybe even January. If the requeries aren’t accepted, I’ll reconsider then as to self-publishing or going to a small independent publisher that considers stories directly or just requerying again.

Then I had a story that I wrote a while ago. It’s a twenty-two chapter tale, somewhat a drama romance deal. I want to revamp it and make it a stand alone. This is the one I will self-publish for either free or 99 cents or something on Amazon. I had it public and free for years, so I’m not looking to make money from it. I’m going to see if I like self-pubbing. I want to see how it works and differs from what I know of publishing otherwise. Who knows, if I like it, if I find it easy, I can do the trilogy this way. It will be the new Wool. (Which is a great series if you haven’t read it, btw.)

As for writing, I’m currently working on the fifth novel. Yeah. Fifth. The trilogy, a stand alone written over the summer, and now this one. That doesn’t include the outlines I have for another three books that follow my original trilogy, a story I wrote most of a few years ago but never finished with the death of my father that I’m going to tackle, and one for another romcom story, whether it will be a book or a screenplay has yet to be determined.

I just need to get this move out of the way and begin all over again with things. I can’t wait!

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