Going to pull a major no no…

Yep. Going to do it.

The first round of queries snagged no agents. Seems like a bummer, but the good/weird/bad news is that while I had no agents interested, the response to the pages/chapters I sent was wonderful. Everyone seemed to love the voice I wrote the story in. They loved the set up and the non-cliche type opening… So why no bites? I don’t know anything outside of, “It’s not what I’m looking for at this time.”*

So here I am… Agentless. Thinking. Probably thinking way too much. So many options… What am I going to do with this story?

Well, I have decided to revert to an older, yet better draft. I was told by the agents themselves that doing so would be a big no-no. But, I was also told by these same agents don’t give a flip about word count. The higher word count story made for a much better story overall. And I have only ever wanted to put out an excellent story with surprises and twists (although, that has yet to be determined outside of my two person consensus) and just a nice fun, light, dramedy. (Drama/Comedy) To do less would be so wrong…

After I finish the newest story–my fifth novel–I’m going to go through page by page and make the draft the best combination of the wordy and the pared down and then I will requery for that one. If it doesn’t work from there, I will requery again and add in some smaller publishing houses. I’ll just keep at it until it’s picked up. I know in my heart that this is the right course. I’m determined like that.

*note: generic phrase of mine, not a direct quote from any agent.


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4 responses to “Going to pull a major no no…

  1. I never managed to get an agent so I went to a smaller publishing house and got a contract. For me it was definitely the best choice. Best of luck and keep plugging away!


  2. No bites? Where was I ? I’ve gotten behind *looks at laundry pile* apparently on all things.

    I can fully understand the research aspect of this and gathering info to conform to what agents want, but for me, it’s hard to swallow the idea of all the things we teach our kids–be yourself, be unique, be brave enough to be different when it comes to artistic expression!


    • We’re all a little a lot behind on laundry. I understand what you mean. Just when you are told so many things about querying your story, you want to do everything right. Sometimes the right thing is just to do it the way you had it, so that’s what I’m doing… at some point. 😉


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