Well, my whole world just crumbled.

I get it. NO idea is one hundred percent original anymore. It’s all been done a million times before, but your job as a writer is to present it in a different way. Add a twist. Make it unique. And I thought I had done that. I know I did.

But then, I get this email with a link. And at the end of this link, was the news story of a book due out next year by a pair of my favorite authors. Usually I’m all thrilled. This time, though, I might just cry. I’m trying hard not to. I’m not going to lie… this hurts so much.

So, this book due out is a YA paranormal romance. A human guy falls for a ghost girl and does anything he can to be with her. (see their book {here})

A little piece of me has died. A little part of my writing verve as waned. I know it can’t be exactly the same, but the premise is way too close for my comfort.

The last thing I want as a writer is to be thought of as someone who stole the idea. Or someone who couldn’t come up with her whole premise for a story. While I do have a fairly detailed list of ninety-seven (yep. that many) ideas to argue that, I’m afraid that’s how my story will be perceived.

I know there are a ton of similars out there. I get that. Hunger Games and Divergent are often being compared to one another. I have both sets and have only read Hunger Games so far… waiting to see Divergent before reading it. Then look at Divinity (by Patricia Leever) and City of Bones. Again, two very similar plots with differences to make them individual.

So why am I freaking out? Because I am the type of artist that will just abandon something when it’s too close to being someone else’s. I’ve always been an individual and never followed a pack. If I follow through on this, I don’t want others to perceive that what Ive written is the same thing. I want to stand alone, which is why I chose the ghost/human love story with many, many twists.

Sorry for rambling and going on about something that may actually be nothing at all. It’s what I do when I’m passionate about something. I’m so very passionate about my story, and I know that trilogy needs to get out there. The question now becomes…

Will I do it?

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