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rewrites are from h-e-l-l. i know it.

The closer you get, the further away you are.

I never really had a use for that idiom before now. Pitch Wars didn’t land me a mentor, but it did give me some additional insight into what’s going on in the minds of others who read and choose stories to represent. Three of the four authors I chose took the time to write me a note/letter saying why they didn’t pick it. Which is more help than hurt. I’m thankful for the insight.

Much like the agents I’ve queried, it seems that I have found a voice when I write. My style is loud and clear and is pretty much liked. So now comes the horror… I’ve been told (officially now) that my story seems a bit too long for the YA market. Which is sad, since this story is a sweeping saga and no detail goes left behind and forgotten. There are tiny little things that are important to the overall story that are impossible to delete without taking away from the story.What to take out, what to leave in, what to rearrange so it works with the story overall… So many little things I don’t want to lose, yet I need to get my word counts down… or change genres.

Which leads me to changing genres… Could I really take this series to the level of NA and keep the innocence that my main character has? Am I going to have to sauce up a lot of the story? What I’ve read–personally, for fun–in NA has been just a little more R-rated compared to this one story I’ve written. But, if it’s too long for YA, and not steamy enough for NA, what classification would I put this under? I’m not quite sure one exists yet.

Rewrites are under way, being the most difficult thing I’ve done yet. Harder than those moments of being blocked. More difficult than editing and fixing. This is major changing going on… I just hope the end result is something to love and not something I have to hide away because I hate the way it turned out… Unfortunately, it seems that it’s more like the latter than the former more often as I have rewritten chapter two ten different ways, and nothing seems to fit.

I’m hoping someone will come across this post and leave a beautiful piece of advice in how to tackle some rewrites… or maybe let me know about a new genre that’s emerged. Either way, thank you for taking the time to read. Until next time..

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Always thinking about that story and other writing randoms.

Okay… so far I’ve heard nothing from Pitch Wars. But, three of the four mentors I have chosen have been complaining about problems with Gmail. I’m hoping that’s it. (It’s all I have; leave me alone. LoL)

I’m not really worried or concerned, because I’ve been thinking about this a lot. The first thing is that my query letter is really good as far as my queries go, I believe. When it comes time to requery agents, I think I’m a little more prepared for how to go about it. Second, I think my first chapter is perfect. It’s so non-cliché that it stands out. I wonder (and I will ask the authors after Pitch Wars) if the beginning of the second chapter is too cliché. I really think it is from my stand point. Or my opinion. I know the two who have read this haven’t seen the newest draft, only having read the very first version written, so they couldn’t tell me if I’m correct in my assessment or not.  Anyway…

The new plan–because I’m always making new plans for this story–is if Pitch Wars doesn’t pan out, I will rewrite chapters two and three, and probably four and five and… well whatever I need to do to make it a little different in the way it’s being told. It means some events will be rearranged and others will be either deleted or added. I’m not saying my story isn’t complete by any means. I’m just saying that I think it’s something that may have to be done to make the rest stand out as well. You know, punch it up a little. I just hope I’m right about this.

And on a side/related note, I came up with this idea after reading a blog post about an author’s point of view on getting those query letters and stories. See that here…
{Writer’s Rumpus}

Meanwhile, in other writing things–I feel like I’m writing a Spider-man comic or something–I have finished the principle story of my sixth novel. Now I need to type out the secondary story that interweaves through the tale. (I promise it makes sense if you see what I’m doing.) Then from there I don’t know what to do. I could literally keep writing out tales, but at some point, I need to get them published. This is why I need an assistant. One who edits, one who queries, and one to organize all of my ideas while I write away.

When and if I hear something from Pitch Wars, I’ll put it here. Good luck to all who have entered.

PS… Stephen King is on Twitter now. I don’t know about you all, but I think it’s awesome.

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Taking a quick writing break.

Just to announce…

Yep… 52,000 words before Thanksgiving

I am one of the winners of #NaNoWriMo2013!!! I am thrilled. Ish. While I did write 55,302 words, I am just not quite done with Life Inspiring Art. Almost though. I feel so proud that I accomplished 50,000 words in one month. That’s a lot of typing and probably even more deleting. Who knows what the real totals of the deleted words would bring me?

I’m just ecstatic that I did what I thought I couldn’t do.

Now, it’s onto Pitch Wars.
(see more info here at Brenda Drake for rules)

Yep, I’m entering my YA paranormal romance novel. Book one of three actually. I chose the four authors/agents that I felt would love my story the most. Thanks to a friend’s help (LIKE MAJOR THANKS) I polished up my query letters and made sure there was some individualization in each one. And this morning before 6 AM my time, I sent them in for consideration. I’m all nervous and excited and so hopeful that I am chosen. If even as an alternate…

I won’t know anything until the eleventh or so. I’ll have no fingernails left by then.

Well, time to get back to finishing my story left over from NaNo. Oh, and PS to the person who keeps spamming me about the way I label and write my blog… FYI… MY blog, MY rules. Done and ignore.

Sorry. That was eating at me, and all that nervousness is coming out as total sarcasm.


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