Taking a quick writing break.

Just to announce…

Yep… 52,000 words before Thanksgiving

I am one of the winners of #NaNoWriMo2013!!! I am thrilled. Ish. While I did write 55,302 words, I am just not quite done with Life Inspiring Art. Almost though. I feel so proud that I accomplished 50,000 words in one month. That’s a lot of typing and probably even more deleting. Who knows what the real totals of the deleted words would bring me?

I’m just ecstatic that I did what I thought I couldn’t do.

Now, it’s onto Pitch Wars.
(see more info here at Brenda Drake for rules)

Yep, I’m entering my YA paranormal romance novel. Book one of three actually. I chose the four authors/agents that I felt would love my story the most. Thanks to a friend’s help (LIKE MAJOR THANKS) I polished up my query letters and made sure there was some individualization in each one. And this morning before 6 AM my time, I sent them in for consideration. I’m all nervous and excited and so hopeful that I am chosen. If even as an alternate…

I won’t know anything until the eleventh or so. I’ll have no fingernails left by then.

Well, time to get back to finishing my story left over from NaNo. Oh, and PS to the person who keeps spamming me about the way I label and write my blog… FYI… MY blog, MY rules. Done and ignore.

Sorry. That was eating at me, and all that nervousness is coming out as total sarcasm.


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