Welcome to 2014!

How is it the beginning of a new year? I feel like I’ve lived in a cave this past year with all of the writing I’ve done. Well over a million words in total–5 novels, 2 short stories, edits, rewrites, and blogging. I was always told I was talkative.

In 2013: Last year, I learned quite a few things about becoming an author. The querying process alone is still a work in progress, but I think I’ve improved and thanks to some helpful tips from other authors, I may have it down now. I learned that when I’m on a roll in my writing, I can’t stop the story, even if it means continuing on with a second or third book without having the first one published. I learned that if you self-publish a book, it’s frowned upon in most publishing circles–as in you have to sell 100,000 copies of your book at $2.99 and up or something like that to be considered a true author. I learned to properly format a draft, and how to write continuously on that draft.

I know there will be more learning as I go through the processes this year. I have three different novels in three different genres to pitch now. I’m currently learning how to rewrite an entire manuscript without losing my voice, but taking out what truly isn’t necessary… which is the most difficult part of this process. Deletion of certain things means other things will have to change in the other two novels, and I have to remember to change them or else there will be this weird little conundrum that happens. In Back to the Future speak, it would create a paradox of epic proportions.

In 2014: I hope this year will bring an agent, and maybe a publish date for 2015 at the latest. I still intend on self-publishing that story I wrote years ago, if I can ever get done creating new ones… just to learn if I like self-publishing. I have three stories completely planned and intend on writing, although I would love to finish more than five stories this year. And I just hope that I can remember to keep it fun. I have managed not to get all upset or stressed with rejection letters, and I hope to keep that up as well. I just ask that someone is willing to tell me why I was rejected, because then, I can work on it.

And lastly, I’d like to thank all the authors, agents, and producers I’ve spoken with over Twitter and at SD Comic Con who have given me valuable information and some of the best pep talks I have ever had. Without their encouraging words, I’d feel more alone in this process. And what a weird, wonderful process it is. I’d also like to thank you all for reading this blog and commenting, also some great helpful advice and some personal thoughts that have made this a great journey this past year. Hope to have more of it this year.

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