Call me a rêveur…

rêveur – French noun for dreamer. Not French adjective for dreamy.

I am a dreamer. I think the majority of authors/musicians/actors/artists are. Without those dreams and imagination, stories would take you nowhere, repeating facts and random blather from your everyday life without a purpose, a deviation, something to make you hope for.

But, I am a rêveur in another sense. I am one of those people who have been enchanted by The Night Circus. (by Erin Morgenstern)
The following opinions/review/art are my own and belong to no one else.

So, I read this book a few weeks ago, and became enchanted. The characters, the story… it just kept you reading until you knew the final outcome. It left you wishing for more, although, you know there really is nothing left to say.

I would love to write like Erin Morgenstern. Her words are like poetry, her worlds imaginary grounded in realism. Just amazing.

Now, I understand that writing in her style isn’t me. I’m a talker and by association, my characters are talkers. My stories lie within the dialogue over the descriptions. I did read so many reviews (after I finished the story) and was sad to see that so many people didn’t love her descriptions. Without them, the story would have been boring or so confusing you wouldn’t know what was going on. She literally painted a picture in my mind with her words; I was almost there with them in the rings.

I know one other author (hi kiTT) who writes with such poetry… I am amazed every time I read something of hers. An honor and privilege. The writing always amazes me… and makes me a smidge jealous…

 To write like that… It’s something I dream about.

Poetic words dancing across a page, giving you the images of what is really there. Feelings and emotions that spur on the characters and you experience that through them. I know I can write. I know I can tell a compelling story (unless you all have lied to me). I know my words can bring about feelings and thoughts, but what I say never feels like it’s the poetic justice I’m looking for. Again, I think it’s a style thing and I am very comfortable in the style with which I write. I’ve been told it’s unique, and I don’t want to lose that.

What about you all? Are you settled with your style? Any advice on growing and trying out other styles of writing? Random thoughts?



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3 responses to “Call me a rêveur…

  1. kitt

    LMAO!!!! What fuckery is this? I write like a simpleton or something.


    • I shouldn’t approve of such lies, but I’ll allow it this time, since I called you out and all. I adore the way you write. And simpletons don’t use twenty letter words that capture you in ways that a dictionary just can’t. 😛


  2. kitt

    I *think* you were paying me a nice compliment yesterday with this post, and I wanted to say thank you to you. Or maybe you were just saying hi to me mid post…


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