Show. Tell. Enitrely Different.

More so than I thought, show and tell are two worlds of different in writing. As I’ve been scouring the internet for examples of this writing principle, I am realizing…

I’ve been reading tellings and not necessarily showings of stories. It seems the majority of what I’ve read has been telling and not showing, which is why I write telling the story and not showing it. Oh my. Not good.

When a lovely author volunteered to help with this YA story I’ve written, I thought it was right; it was ready. What could be wrong with it?

Delusions can be grand can’t they? I’m not upset by her comments or suggestions. (As a matter of fact, I am so thankful for her help and for opening my eyes.) I’m more upset with myself for being so lacking in the showing arena. I suppose I’ve done this because in my mind in the beginning, this was like her journal… her way of telling her story… and as it’s transitioned over time, it changed without fully changing. If that makes sense. I kept it more like a recording of her story other than letting someone live her story.

I question how to change it all–yet again–within a time frame I set because of agents who are about to openly receive queries and for a few more #PitchWars like contests that are quickly approaching. I’ve thought about heading into third person territory with this story, as it’s definitely easier to show in that format. But with that, so much of her joie de virve is lost. It needs to be first person.

I have quite some work ahead of me.


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5 responses to “Show. Tell. Enitrely Different.

  1. “I question how to change it all…”

    It’s not ‘change’ it all…it’s ‘enhance’


  2. kitt

    Just wanted to say that I just read the ARC of “The Plan” former fanfic, and she does have internal monologue to the same length as what you had in your first chapter (at the end) so maybe it is just a matter of placement.


  3. It’s been said that there is no writing until the rewriting. You can do it!


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