ISO: Killer First Line

Do they always need to exist with every book? Does the one book I have on the verge of being complete have it? Well, that one is easy. No. Not killer. It’s a song and a date. The sentence after that is a somewhat ponderance type hypothetical question. Ish.

The problem is trying to come up with that line while maintaining the feel–my character’s thought processes and the way she speaks and orders things. I’m not sure what she would say right off the bat, being shy and the context of what she’s talking about.

for other books, other characters, not an issue. It’s been so easy to do.

So why am I having difficulty with this one. I need an opener. A grab me. I’m almost teetering on that tightrope with doing a prologue that’s relative to the story…although, the answers may not come until a book or three later, therefore rendering the prologue moot.

After everything else with this trilogy, almost sextet, of stories, this is what I perceive as the last hurdle before declaring it done. It’s so close now, I can almost stir my tongue out and touch it.


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6 responses to “ISO: Killer First Line

  1. geezerwench

    First lines can be tough. Go down three or four paragraphs and see if there’s one there that will work.


  2. geezerwench

    I’ll try to be semi-serious. Try a game. Grab a die (dice). Roll it. Whatever number comes up on top, go to that paragraph. Roll the dice again. Number on top – Look at that line. If there’s a lot of lines in that paragraph, double the number.


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