This counts a a novel related post. I call it research.

I think so anyway. Because this novel, titled Human Touch–a Rick Springfield song, track 1 on Living in Oz–has a lot of him in it. The main character is like a total major closeted fan of his…so…but she’s been to two of his shows already. Me? This was my first.

Before I start though, I want to say a MAJOR thank you to the bff, for this the best birthday/Christmas gift in the history of all gifts! I LOVED IT!

It was at a casino about two hours from Canada. In the Pacific Ballroom. I find the room. Stop at merch and pick up a few lithos to get into the meet-n-greet after the show. The lithos accompany the book he’s releasing soon… so that’s coming.

I get in my seat and I’m between an old guy and a red head. Old guy is doing what all old guys do…complaining about the seating. The girl keeps asking about this guy who’s setting up the stage. “Is that Rick?” She’s asking me this. “Um…No.” The guy leaves and comes back. “Is that Rick?” Uh… “Same guy. No.”

Glad I wasn’t the only newbie there. But I know who RS is.

They announce the beginning of the show. Room darkens. Rick Springfield takes the stage! He starts by saying he has a sore throat. Everyone ah’s. He says he’ still sick. Everyone ah’s again…and you can tell he’s just hamming it. And then for some reason, he has this Fraggle Rock puppet and is making her talk…and ask for Kermit. Those meds must be strong. Or he is just really goofy. Either way, it was funny.

The crappy camera… But the orange is the Fraggle Rock puppet

The show starts. First song out the gate, that he says he loves more than Jessie’s Girl (and I cannot agree more…It’s always been “Human Touch” for me).

“I Get Excited”

The coolest part of this Stripped Down tour of his is that between the songs, you get stories behind the music. Inspiration or anecdotes. Just  stories that inspire, make you laugh or make you cry…(see, “My Father’s Chair”) Insight into things he believes or stupid stuff he’s done that makes him more real and not just a music guy. (I’d compare him to Jackson Rathbone right now…but I think only two people that read this blog would get it.)

So, he plays the songs, tells the tales…I get a ton of pictures from my seat in the fourth row.

(Most of these songs and so many others of his have influenced this series in so many ways. Just so inspirational for me as I wrote the three books of this series so far. When this baby gets published, you’ll understand what I mean.)

“Affair of the Heart”

“Me & Johnny”

“Come on Light My Fire”

my much better DSLR pics…

“Love Is Alright Tonight”

Magnificent Vibration… a book plug, but such a funny, interesting plug about a very creative and unique story.

“Rollin’ & Tumblin’ ” – LOVE his rendition. (Listen up Jackson Rathbone, I want you to do this song!)

“Don’t Talk to Strangers”

“Honeymoon in Beiruit”

“My Father’s Chair” – Which about had me in tears. Took everything I had not to cry. Again, three or four of you all know why.

“I’ve Done Everything”

“If Wishes Were Fishes” – a very cute little ditty he wrote that is as funny as it is catchy

“Love Somebody”

“Jessie’s Girl”–but really it’s Gary’s girl

And the show ends. But sort of ends.

He’s going to do a Q&A. It goes all Comic Con style with the microphone and line…And so I get up there… and totally blank out. Like any nervous fangirl would. And the only thing in  my head is Comic Con related.

“What’s your favorite Star Wars character?”

Now, my answer is always Han Solo. Don’t ask.

Rick Springfield’s answer?

This is from the Comic Con style line for the Q&A

“Head Man.” Some Turkish Star Wars action figure. There’s only two in existence and he has one of them. And this figure has a sword and cape…like a gladiator from what I derive from his description… Okay.

Then the meet-n-greet. With no picture taking allowed.

But… I did get a hug…I was so shaky and on the verge of tears. His hand is so huge it ate my  hummingbird tattoo on my bare shoulder. He said something… I know “Sweetie” was in there… I so suck at remembering things when I’m that nervous… I mean, I had only been dreaming about going to a show since the eighth grade…so about ten years.

(Shut up you all that know.)

All-in-all… I can say I didn’t stick my foot in my mouth or Mary Katherine Gallagher anyone this time…(see also Jackson Rathbone)…and I survived with a grin the Cheshire Cat would be envious of…Even if it is crooked to the right.

I know so much more inspiration has come from this show for the upcoming three novels in the same series…Can’t wait to work on ’em.

disclaimer: The images in the post belong to me and no one else. They were taken between 8:00pm and 11:00pm on 04.19.2014. If you would like to use them, just ask. Been burned before you know.



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3 responses to “This counts a a novel related post. I call it research.

  1. geezerwench

    So glad you had a good time!


  2. geezerwench

    I remember him from being on … was it “All My Children” or General Hospital”?

    Still a good lookin’ fella!


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