Those dirty little words.

Yes. They’re there, lingering, tempting. You want to use them. You need them. Yet for them to pass your lips (or finger tips if you’re typing) it’s virtually a mortal sin.

No, I’m not speaking of those curse words, f-bombs or shnikies like that. These are worse. The evil stories used to be filled with. I’m talking adverbs.

I helped out in a class at a school. In this elementary class, they were learning to use adverbs to improve their writing…to make their story descriptive and alive. I helped these younglings write their words…helped with adverbs. But once you get in the adult leagues of writing–no matter the age your writing targets–adverbs are nasty, little things that are highly frowned upon.

So why teach them? Why use them? Why not obliterate their existence? I’m not saying use them often. I’m saying on occasion, sneakily slide one in. I’m still up in the air over adverbs and their usage. Sometimes I want to know how someone says or does something and not want to read a whole paragraph about it.

So…what are we going to with these words? Are they forever lost in the American English Language? Is this just a trend or this the new norm?

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