The time to query is now.

I can’t put it off anymore. I can’t look at that word count and think…”Mmm…I can trim that down,” because I cannot. Not without losing a part that is imperative.

The query has been eyeballed by three different people. The genre has been decided. The final draft is ready to be sent to anyone (agent or bff-wise) who asks to see it.

I need to get busy finding those agents and get busy sending.

So why am I so nervous about this? Scared to death actually. Not about being rejected. Big deal. I have other options if need be. But about having this thing that I’ve kept so close to my heart…my virtual soul on the pages…for everyone to see, judge, comment about.

And hopefully not change it for the worse.

Day one–Tomorrow. Send out five queries to agents. I must do this by tomorrow afternoon.

And then write my brains out on another chapter of the fourth book in this series. It should help with the nerves, right? Probably not.

This is it. *deep calming breath* Time to query out Human Touch.


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2 responses to “The time to query is now.

  1. Good luck querying. It’s very scary, but it also feels really good to know you’ve reached that point. If you haven’t looked into to query tracker, you might want to. It’s an amazing way to find agents and keep track of your queries. And it’s free. (Upgrades have a fee but you don’t really need them).


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