Working in a dead genre.

I so wanna run with that pun right now.

So I’ve been querying out my book…ten queries and two rejections so far. One nice. One total snobbery. Whatever. 

My book–Human Touch, the first of six in the planned series–is about a girl who died on her 18t birthday in 1989. She’s essentially trapped in her house, a friendly ghost. Twenty-three years after her death, a guy moves into their room. After that night where he wanted to numb the world, she saves his life. They finally meet. They fall in love. But you know, she’s a ghost. 

The story is about how they found each other, how they can date and the drama that goes with their lives in the states they are.

Book one in a nutshell.

Since sending out those query letters, I’ve read/heard/been told that no one is looking for a paranormal story anymore. Bummer. Although, I will say most paranormal stories out there involves vampires or werewolves…it’s a rare find to see something with a ghost like element. I’ve been asked what book my story is like…and I can’t think of any I’ve read that come close to this and what happens within the pages. I’ve read ghost stories. I’ve read romances. I can’t find anything to come even feet close.

I need to find a better way to query this? Or find a new genre that doesn lump me in with the Dead. Although with a technicality, the main character is totally dead. 

I figure I need a new way to promote this. A new angle? It was originally completed in 2012…which either puts me ahead of the curve or still way behind. And the timeline can’t change…the other books hinge on this timeline… As in I’m writing the future right now with book four.. Wondering if I should just opt for the Romance genre… And slightly forget to mention paranormal…maybe contained within a coughing fit in the fine print at the bottom of the query letter… That’s an idea.

Suggestion? Thought? Feel free to speak. You can even tell me to accept the fact my manuscript is totally dead.


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6 responses to “Working in a dead genre.

  1. I totally want to read the snobbery letter.

    How can genre of story be dead? So the powers that be say, “Okay, no more paranormal romance” and then someone publishes a paranormal romance and it is all popular, so popular everyone, including the powers that be, jump on the bandwagon. Per usual, I have no advice, just perspective.


    • Was über peeved an deleted it, then deleted the deleted. I can send you the query… Just hurt because it felt more personal over business…

      Anyway, yes, that is how the publishing game seems to work. If there is one mega popular, then everyone wants on the bandwagon until the horses break down. Right now, it’s dystopias. Tomorrow it’ll be contemporary. I just need to find the one agent who can sell a dead genre… Oh, a reboot of the genre. Hmm…


  2. I think it sounds REALLY cool! If you’re looking for books to compare it to for querying, try The Ghost and the Goth by Stacey Kade and Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake. You could always try self-publishing if you feel up to the task!


  3. Liz

    Repackage the book as a Supernatural Gothic Romance (hopefully your ghost is seconded in a creepy house ). There, that’s spans three genres, surely one will stick. Don’t use the word paranormal which has come to mean werewolves, vampires, and demons. BTW two rejections is nothing. Ten queries is just putting you toe in the water. This isn’t an industry for sissies. You will get rejected. Period. Believe in yourself and your book. Keep fine tuning your query letter and keep sending them out.


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