Got it all figured out now.

Why this character o’ mine has been a PITA to write…

found in a general google search for writing.

When I originally wrote out the lists of events and timelines for what happens beyond the first book to the end of my characters’ lives, I wrote it all out from the intention that it was all going to be under one POV. Human Touch. The one main character, Nikki, would tell you what happened, how it happened, why…

But book two–Wide Awake–was almost complete. And I sat thinking…with the events as they were, she couldn’t possibly be the narrator of part three–Souls. It would be singular, minor, uneventful, boring, depressive…this list could go on. Bring in my other main character, McClane. He could say everything for her from his side.

Let me tell you, he was a bear to write. A massive freaking grizzly. I goofed off more than not. I had to tell myself every day, “I can no longer be in awe of you; I have to be you.” And being someone outside of her…with her plans…was the most difficult thing.

But as time has told me, it was a great POV for that piece of the story. McClane did what Nikki couldn’t–tell a great, action filled part of their story to round out the events. It worked.

A few months ago, after having written four other novels and a novella during the time after finishing Human Touch‘s first three books, I kept thinking of this story. How could I just drop it at book three when I had at least three other books worth of material to tell about this duet? Well, now trio.

But, this part of the story couldn’t be told by McClane. And Nikki…it wouldn’t work for her. The events that happen, the majority of events that take place to impact their future, takes place on someone else’s storyline.

Bring in Jaden…

my own alter

Or the inspiration for this character (long story)…Listen to his voice, get his image in my head. Apply my verbiage and dialect, mannerisms, attitude…

Well, there are parts and events that have been as easy to tell as slicing through a stick of butter with a hot knife. Those wrote themselves. It’s the parts that still need to be covered that isn’t as easy. I want to write them from Nikki’s POV, just like that I wanted to do with the McClane POV. I’m avoiding Jaden like a guy who won’t stop asking me out. I hide out in places I’ve not been in a while. Photoshopping. Blogging. Twittering. Tumbling. Handwriting a story to avoid my computer at all costs like I might get a Skype ding or an email will pop up…

And I realized today…while listening to Sick Puppies that was on the playlist for another novel I wrote last year…the song I loved when I happened to write out this list of events for Human Touch and beyond played…and it hit me…It’s because I see it with her eyes. Still. These events, even though she’s not around for some of them (because that would be awkward) need to happen or the other two books will crumble like a condemned building.

While I’ve been thinking about how to do this, how to format this story to make sense with the crazy timeline and spaced out events, it dawned on me. Four. As in Tobias Eaton/Theo James. Yes, Divergent. The Four book is a series of short stories from Four’s POV (LOVE). And why couldn’t I write out each of the four or so years, breaking it down as its own short story to compile into one book? Why not? What rules are there other than my own, self-imposed ones to writing my story in my way?

And it’s like everything became unlocked and unblocked in my head. EXCELLENT! Hopefully, I can tackle this from that angle…seventy-two percent (if my math is correct) of the events are done as of right now…

Me & Johnny. You are going to be complete soon, my friend.

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