Why we parted ways…

It’s nothing personal, I swear. Well, maybe it is. I mean, I can’t finish you for my own reasons… This is a definite “It’s me and not you” situation.

Like you, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Everyone tells me you’re wonderful and great. But I’m missing it. The reason I can’t finish you is the tedium. Going into the plethora of the minutiae of details is insanity. I’m forever stuck at 33% of your pages. Not that I haven’t tried to move forward, but when I start reading about the grandfather of the cousin’s uncle thrice removed…I go insane!  I’ve been told that it sets up the other two stories in your trilogy, but…Tedium beats me every time. Sorry.

And Tangled, somehow you’re in this mess.

No fault of your own. When I started reading you last August , I was in the process of writing Life Inspiring Art, an Eromedy… That’s erotic rom-com in my made-up speak. And something about the way your main character and my main character speak, not exactly alike, mind you, but eerily similar. And while LIA2 is complete in first draft form, it is not agent/query ready complete. I am so afraid to read your voice and find it too similar which will cause my story to get tossed into the rubbish bin. So you sit on my kindle shelf, collecting dust, and a future book discussion forever put into limbo.

Oh, and PS…The Siren may be joining you soon as this is also about an editor and an author…being together…see also Life Imitating Art (LIA) and Life Inspiring Art (LIA2). Bummer.

This Book Is Full of Spiders, you’re teetering on the edge of limbo.

Not because you’re bad in anyway, but because you have pages and a soft cover that doesn’t glow in the dark…because I do most my reading at night on a screen. You’ve been lost a few times, too. And don’t look the way of Breathers….

He’s been I the shelf for a year, following the spilled drink incident of 2013, and now I hear he’s going to be a movie, a definite wait-listing…I won’t read another page until I see the movie. Self-imposed Reader/Movie Watcher rule 1.

BTW, if you see I, Lucifer wandering around, let him know I’ve been looking for him for a year. I think he got left behind in California. Maybe even at the beach?

Oh, The Waiting Tree. You’re the newest on is list.

Not that you’re anything but good, but I read your first chapter and thought, “Crap! I’m writing something eerily similar.” So, unfortunately, you’re on that same Shelf as Tangled…and possibly The Siren. I’m sorry. So very, very sorry. Your synopsis is just so temping, and when I bought you, I had the best intentions…and I’m dying to read you, too.

I’m sorry guys. I know within your pages are some heart, a new book boyfriend or two, a great story, and something unique to experience. I hope we can move past my issues and try again soon. It’s so not you; it’s totally me.

The pics of the book covers were found through Google and belong to their respective copyright owners. To see or buy the books, I am listing the links to Amazon below. I’m not associated with them in any way other than being a reader.

{The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo}


{The Siren}

{This Book Is Full of Spiders}

{Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament}

{I, Lucifer}

{The Waiting  Tree}


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2 responses to “Why we parted ways…

  1. kitt

    I get it!

    Some things you can just come back to later when you are ‘in a different place’

    This is why reading can be very personal for some people.

    I was reading a certain book while sitting in the waiting room at the dentist office. I had to stop reading. 🙂


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