Pitch Wars is coming up.

I’m seriously considering doing this with the same YA novel I’ve been querying lately. I’ve had only the one rotten no, and some wonderful encouraging noes so far. I’m still waiting to hear from quite a few agents. That six-week mark won’t hit until the end of August/beginning of September. And I had planned on taking this to the self-publishing level. So doing this will put my plans on hold, but if I could get the attention or even an agent through doing this, why would I overlook the opportunity?

I’ve read through my first novel’s manuscript yesterday (and will finish it out today) in Scrivener–finally trying that software. And as I’ve read, I’ve noticed some things.

One. This baby is truly done. With the exception of one typo I found that Word didn’t catch, there was nothing to edit down or edit out. (So far. I still have six of the forty-two chapters–yes, 42, but the original 32 got cut for better breaks–left to go.) This story is perfect in my eyes.

Two. So far, the ONLY change I would make is to add something, which would terribly up the word count. And while it’s not a major plot factor, it is something that I think would be important to the main character–a ghost named Nikki–as she never got to experience this in her first life. Well, the whole addition is a lot of little experiences she missed out on. I hate skipping it, because I know how important these seemingly little things are to her. If I self publish, I am adding it back in. No doubt or second thought about it.

Three. Not to be braggadocious, or maybe I am, this book is better than some I’ve read. A few that while I’m reading, I’m thinking how did this get published? Typos, weird phrasing of sentences–as in things any of my American English teachers would have red penned in school–plots that aren’t cohesive or even little pieces that don’t align with what was previously said about a character or place in the book. I work hard at making sure my story relates all the way through. If I say one event happened in book one, book four may mention it in passing; it’s not forgotten. If there’s a small detail, I don’t forget it, and if I do, I will fix it immediately. If I mention a character’s third cousin by name, I can promise if it’s ever mentioned again, it will be the same name. It’s why I reread the older manuscripts as I write…those tiny details.

We’ll see if I even get picked up for this round of #PitchWars. I mean, from the rules I’ve read so far, entering is a little different from what it was in the past. If I make it, great. Fantastic! If I don’t, I have those queries out there. You never know… And if that falls through, I will be a self-published author before the end of the year. Any way this goes, this is getting exciting.


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2 responses to “Pitch Wars is coming up.

  1. kitt

    Yes, I’m glad to hear you will try. To me, it is such an exciting event on twitter but you only get to participate if you have a completed story, which you DO! So go for it!


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