“Now it was today.”

This one sentence makes me wonder how it got through the editing process.

This one sentence is driving me insane.

This one sentence just irks me. Still.

The book will be kept a secret. The story was a good one. I liked the story and the characters within. The imagination that went into the story was fantastic. But that sentence…

Now it was today.

Any American English teacher/professor (and I’m sure Aussie and British English teachers/professors may do the same) would red pen and remark the heck out of that sentence if they came across it in a paper.

Now it was today.

Now it was today.

“Today never was. Today is.” … “Did you mean: ‘Now it is today.’?” … “Reword or delete this sentence.” … “See me after class.”

Is this editor fail? Or is it author refusal to change anything?

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve been guilty of something similar as I write those first drafts and words are just spilling across the pages or appearing like magic on the screen.When I’m in the zone, I don’t care about anything other than getting the story out of my brain.

The difference? I always fix it. If there are too many statements like that, I’ll consider making the story present tense. Otherwise, I’ll keep it in the past and just figure a rewording. I know it sounds like I’m being nit-picky, and this is the me you get when I’m in editing mode. But I wasn’t in editing mode when I read it.

It has me wondering what I’m doing wrong to not be picked up…other than being in a lackluster genre as of late. It has me worried about the editing process…like what if my editor makes me sound as off as that sentence. It has me worried that I’ve missed one of those and it will sneak through without being questioned and red penned. That’s the big one.

Am I the only one who’s bothered by it?

Well, Robert is still Bothered…Love classic Fallon.

And just because it cracked me up again while searching for bothered…

Ed Ventura, Vampire Detective. Or Pet Vampire…
although I think that’s more of a Mina Vaughn sort of story. 😉


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4 responses to ““Now it was today.”

  1. I’ve read many sentences like that in published books and I have the same thoughts about them 😉


  2. kitt

    But I can see/hear this line existing and working outside the grammatical realm in relation to a particular story. Isn’t that what we as readers often zone in on?


    • I don’t know. To me, I see it as a struggle between wanting to keep the story past tense and wanting your character to talk as though they’re speaking to the reader. As of late, I have forced myself to learn I need to pick which way I want to write a story. Like I said, I’m just being nit-picky.


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