Paranormal as a genre…

My first novel is in the paranormal genre. I love that it is. It’s one of my favorite genres to read and to write. Ever since I’ve first read Stephen King. What I hate about that genre is the large, unending classifications of beings that are placed into it.

Paranormal ~ ghostly, celestial, metaphysical, unearthly.

“A Gh-Gh-Gh-GHOST!” ~ Norville “Shaggy” Rogers, Scooby-Doo

Ghostly being the most common synonym. It means my story is a definite paranormal tale. What I don’t understand is how vampires, werewolves, zombies, mummies, etc and so forth are also listed as paranormal. These beings are more supernatural in character. (IMO)

Supernatural ~ superhuman, mythical, legendary

This is how I am discovering why my genre is over-saturated and unappealing to agents. Because of the influx of these popular creatures, ghosts get left out in the dark. (Pun intended.) I think they see “paranormal” and shut down on reading the rest of the query, because there is no space for more Edward Cullens (Twilight) or Sam Roths (Shiver) to run around. The population is trying to be wrangled into control in this land of creatures that exist in YA world.

There is always space for Eric Northman, though. In the adult genre, anyway.

Since moving my novel genre to the bottom of the letter, I have had some great and wonderful noes sent my way. Writing, good. Voice, fantastic. Paranormal, hard sell. A positive is that ghost tales are making a comeback. Slowly. And that agents might be partial to a ghost tale now. I think if I can rework the query, find a way to omit the word “paranormal” from any genre reference…maybe replace it with the word “ghost”. How about…A romance that is hauntingly fresh–I like that–then maybe I can attract an agent? Or get chosen for #PitchWars?

Because this is my last task before #PitchWars is up and running. Get that query fixed up, yet again. Get someone to notice my nice, sweet, fluffy romance in the YA world of ghosts…I know someone will love this tale as much as I do. I just need to get their attention away from those overly handsome vampires and über furry werewolves.

This is not the Michael J Fox Teen Wolf I remember…


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