I’m not holding my breath.

For anything to come from #PitchWars this time around. Only because anyone I’ve submitted to (with the exception of one, I think) has been tweeting how they’re already requesting pages, manuscripts, etc from the stories they seem to love the most and my email sits as dormant as Mt. Saint Helens for all those years as far as #PitchWars is concerned.

I’m not upset, nor have I given up hope. But I am still working toward my alternate plan of self-publishing before the end of the year. Because one way or another, I am putting this story out there for all to read…and I hope a few likes, too.

I’ve been piecing together the longer version of this story. Especially since during the major cut down, the order of things were rearranged. It’s a process, and I’ve got to say…I LOVE the longer version so much more. All her little 80s things and more descriptive thoughts make this story SO MUCH BETTER. Honestly, I don’t know why I ever cut it away…except someone out there keeps saying word counts are important.

This morning, I’ve been scouring the internet for stock images and the costs of said images. HOLY COW! One place wants $400 for the picture I love the most. It works the best for what I have in mind–what’s always been in my mind for the cover for Human Touch–but I’m not sure I can shell out $400 without making my kids starve for this artist. Seriously. $400 for a picture. Maybe I chose the wrong artist game for the creative things I like to do–paint, photograph (see header pic), write, make art books/journals.

Anyway, I did use the crappy tagged up version of that pic just to do a mock-up of the cover I’ve always seen. I used a commercial use background ( I bought years ago by Celine Designs), the tagged up small pic, and BV Rondes free font…and this is it! My cover:

cover mock-up: Human Touch…first book in the series

It’s like tears want to cascade down my cheeks in the utmost happiness a writer can cry. It’s perfect, beautiful (except the crappy pics that cut crappy in PS, too), amazing, awesome, and so many other words I can’t find because it truly makes me speechless.

I am so ready for this… I can’t wait!!!

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One response to “I’m not holding my breath.

  1. That cover would be fabulous!!!


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