#PitMad is tomorrow.

Am thinking of participating.

Am thinking of how to pitch Human Touch.

Not paranormal, but with a ghost. Romance all the way. Definitely a YA series for this half.

I’m leaning towards doing something someone told me last year to avoid doing. Maybe it will be just what I need to do to make this work. I’m going to bring in the tales that this story kind of grew from. I’m talking split-aparts. To others, this is more like soul mates–although I will argue this to my death–they are not the same thing.

Years ago before Google was the go to search, I yahoo’ed the term split-aparts. There wasn’t much at the time. I mean, this was the dawning of the internet when I looked it up. All I found was a simple Japanese folktale about a man and a woman who met each other and realized they were halves that completed a whole. They lived and loved long lives. And when it came time to move on into the next world, they laid side by side, hand in hand so that their souls would move onto the next world together.

Sweet. Simple.

A few years ago, I came across the Greek version of this tale. Pretty much the same thing, except it gets a little freaky and weird. But then what Greek mythological tale doesn’t. Yeah, I’m looking at you Oedipus, even though you can’t see that.

{Greek Mythology}

Was that Oedipus jab too soon? Anyway…

I like to make things difficult. Twist them until they’re barely recognizable. That’s what this story is. A very weird, long, twisting, epic version of tales like these with ghosts, humans, Heaven, Hell, Atlantis, worlds both on this side of life and the other, the other side’s answer to the FBI, the occult, high school, the 80s, now, Michael J Fox, Rick Springfiield, and purgatory…It starts off slow yet fast, confusing and sweet and builds into something that takes you to places that are either so real it’s like earth or so made up it couldn’t possibly exist. All nice and neatly wrapped up within tales of love, lost loves, hateful bullying, another important issue I won’t mention without screaming spoiler alert, cheating significant others, fidelity, jealousy, life and death.

And that’s all within the first three books. The last three are this and more. (Something just clicked yesterday…a problem I was having in a specific piece of the story…problem solved now) I’m excited to get them finished. More excited for someone other than myself and two others to actually give this tale a read.

Now, if I can get that description down to 140 characters, I’m going to so rock #PitMad. Assuming the term split-apart doesn’t chase anyone off…

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