I consider it a success.

Not a rousing one. Nor was it over the top, but #PitMad went well. I had quite a few favorites and RTs on Twitter. A few agents and authors and one indie publishing company. Which is well more than I was expecting to get.

I’ve submitted queries and pages where needed. I’m researching Solstice Publishing right now, although there isn’t much out there as it’s a newer company. I think i would have already done it if they requested pages to begin with instead of the whole manuscript. I’m a little scared because I’ve heard things from other authors about losing their stories when asked to submit the whole MS(manuscript)…and that’s where I’m teetering. I mean, this could be the best opportunity to come up. I could get published and have my foot in that proverbial door for when it comes time to query out my other stories. Or may even be “in” with a publishing house that will take off…who knows?

I’m going to keep researching and see what I can find. As of now, I am just happy to have had the responses I’ve had to the tweet pitches.  Because my pitching needs a lot of help.

These are the two best:

I feel like maybe I was ahead of the curve before and now that ghosts are en vogue again, I might be in the right position to get this baby traditionally published. We’ll see…

*fingers crossed*

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