I know, my poor blog.

*rubs your back with the utmost sympathy*

I haven’t forgotten about you. I know you’re here, waiting to hear about the last query I sent out. It was a “No” with a zillion compliments about style and voice. Which either means it’s getting closer to finding an agent or closer to self-publishing…either way.

But something happened. I know you’re thinking it’s someone else, and maybe you’re right. It is someone else. Someone sweet. Kind. Ever so adorable. And his best friend–and yes, guys say that, too. (I even took surveys and polls to find out that info. Thanks to my CW Land Super Spy for help with that, too.)

It started as a question, as most my ideas are. A question that sat in my head. It was like a little kid, tapping me and constantly asking, “Why?” Twenty-four hours later, I had two names, a location, and some major events.

Started a journal. Did a ton of research. Cast rolls so I can get an idea of how these characters move and interact with others. Started a pinterest board to keep things organized…and closed off from the world as I began writing, trying to find the right voice for this character, feel if it’s in the past or in the now. Figure out this will be a two book deal. And forget about you.

For that I apologize. For writing while the fire is under my feet, I’ll never apologize. This story is dying to get out. Desperate to be told. I mean, these two keep me up nights just talking, fighting, loving, hating, and telling the events…they won’t stop.

Good news, though, the first book is almost halfway done.

Until the finish, dear blog, you’ll sit. You’ll sigh. You’ll hate me for living in a cave.

But never fear, for I am just a click away, and I will return. Who knows, I may post a little something for Halloween…an old story I recently talked about that still tickles me as one of the favorites that I’ve written. Maybe another that’s never been released…only because it’s a super slashy, pervy crossover that very few could understand. I don’t know.


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4 responses to “I know, my poor blog.

  1. geezerwench

    Post those little stories. Even the slash. Some folks eat that shit up.

    And write while the fire is burnin’! Enthusiasm comes through the writing.


  2. no you did not just use a gif of brandon and steve in reference to your slash story! smh
    strike while the iron is hoTT!


    • No…It’s in reference to the two best friends who spar and not spar in my head. What they do on the side has no pertinence to slash…maybe, maybe not. Besides, if I were to 90210 slash, I’d put David Silver and Dylan McKay together from the old school 90210. Brandon would never opt for slash. And Steve was always questionable to me… but I couldn’t put him with anyone from the show.

      New school 90210, I’d opt for some Liam Court and George Evans…yeah. Because that would be a nice coupling, hotness wise.

      Am I done now? Can we skip any more 90210 slash discussions?


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