Flirting with Death.

Seriously. I’m a drunk person with a pistol. And it’s shaky, I’m nervous. But I take aim and fire. Hit and miss this time. I try again. Closer but not quite. A third time and I hit my target dead on. I scream out and cry, tears falling in streams. I hit him. Me. I did that. I killed him. And I can’t take it back. And…

Maybe it’s not right. He should be alive and walk away from this event, slightly scathed, but alive. Still the tears, but ones of joy. I can hug him and say, “You made it. You lived this horrible thing. I’m so happy,” and he’ll hug me in return, uttering a small “Thanks”.

But then I turn and the other one perished. And when one dies, the other will follow as per the rules of their world. But they can’t die, can they?

And so is the dilemma I’m facing. Three possible endings to this book. I’ve been flirting with them all, seeing who the best contender is…but they’re all equal in weight and heft. One might have a tattoo,

and okay, tattoos are nice…but the other has glasses

his super bowl bet was amazing. Chris Evans has a heart of gold people.

and I do so adore a guy in glasses….

adding this one for you, kiTT…since you might not get the Chris Evans point of this…

but the third has the best personality and how do you choose from that?

not that Matt Lanter isn’t hot, but he’s married and just a sweet guy

I have to make a decision. I can’t have all three…well, I could write out all three endings, but that’s getting a little greedy to say they all can win.

And that’s where I’m at in writing out the second novel in this two book series. How do I look into my character’s faces and say one of you must die? It’s heartbreaking. But then to do something everyone does and dish out an HEA (Happily Ever After) would be great for them, because I so love these two together, but it’s typical, but it would work…

What am I going to do? Who will make it out alive? Or should I just kill them all?

Good question.

Hopefully I’ll be crawling out of my author cave with an answer soon.



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2 responses to “Flirting with Death.

  1. kitt

    I thought of you today. I put on PopTV and 90210 was showing. It must have been Matt Lanter’s first episode because he met Naomi.

    He looked so cute!

    good luck choosing.


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