*crawls out of the creative cave*

*stands up* *dusts off knees* *rubs eyes with back of fists* *squints*

“Who turned on the sunlight?”

“What year is it?”

“What’s been going on?”

Well, it’s official. Approximately six months, the love of two characters, the idea of a story, and incessant typing have brought me to the finish of the Duet…the two YA books covering one story. And quite the weird, contemporary yet ancient, fun, amorous story it is. I am so proud of this one. For once, for me, I didn’t question what I was writing. You know those pesky ones that get stuck in your head with almost every word you type:

“Who’s going to want to read this?”

“Why am I writing this?”

“This sucks to me so why would I torture someone else with it?”

I’ve thought those things before–either all of them or just one–with every novel/screenplay/novella I’ve written. Until now. It’s the oddest thing…

I plan on reading through the first story, making the edits I need to make…and hopefully not adding more content. And then…Pitch Wars is coming up this weekend. Or I may just query it straight to agents. (Thanks to Lori Goldstein {her website and new book} for her help with those dreaded queries.)  Need to decide where I’m taking Darrows and Carter soon.

In the meantime, I feel like such a…

I don’t quite know what to do with myself. I have about 97 story ideas waiting to be born into novels or screenplays (it’s been a while since I’ve typed out one of those) or even a graphic novel…but nothing is sticking in my head as something I’ve absolutely got to type and type right now.

Maybe I can sit back and enjoy life.

Hindsight is a great show and I can now watch it without pausing to write notes. And seriously??? Andy!!! What are you doing??? I cannot stress enough how wrong this moment was… and look at Lolly in the background there…she’s making sure Becca isn’t going to flip out while this nonsense is happening…

Oh, The Royals is coming up on E! on March 15th! And I’ve been dying to see this since seeing the trailer on the big screen before Mockingjay pt 1. DYING, I say! My new drama staple…I just know it! Prince Liam!!!!! And CORGIS!!!!! And le sigh… I can’t wait to bask in all this glorious, fictitious, richery (that’s rich debauchery for those that don’t understand my combo words)…not since 90210 went off the air have I wanted to watch something like this so desperately. (PS gif makers, I’m in need of The Royals gifs…a desperate need! Send ’em my way if you have ’em.)

And finally, after the Flash next month, iZombie! I’ve read the graphic novels and am fully ready to enjoy Veronica Mars meets Zombieland. Mmmm…brains, comedy, and just some good old CW FUN!

All great distractions, but really, I want to fill journals and type away…

I’m sure something will come to me and I’ll wind up crawling back into the creative cave to disappear from society for a while again. Who knows? Maybe next time, I’ll emerge into a Zombpocalypse event or something.

all gifs found through giphy on tumblr. Prince Liam image is from Tinder and I’m sure property of E!…apologies for borrowing him, but it’s too awesome not to share.

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