I’m lost. Again.

The doldrums of just having completed a novel, series or not, is really taking its toll. I miss my guys. I miss them insulting each other, kissing all the time. I miss them just being together. My guys…

Well, as close as I can get to what I have going on in my head. Lex is more tan, darker hair always in a beanie. White-grey eyes. Grunged out to back in the 90s. Six feet tall. Lackadaisical. I LOVE HIM! And Q (Quent, Quentin) is the same hair with curls at the end and sandier. Speaks without a Brit accent. Has a slightly more rounded face. Preppy as though life will end should a shirt not come with an embroidered emblem on it. I LOVE HIM TOO!

My guys. They’ve been with me every single day for the past seven (ish) months. Since that day I walked into my kitchen after having gone shopping and it hit me, why couldn’t this one being be different from how everyone else perceives him. And it literally avalanched from there. I started writing out in journals trying to find his voice, making notes on his world, others in his world, rules he has to abide by, and it grew and grew until I had this being and his best friend. Before I knew it, chapters were frenetically flying from my fingers onto documents in my computer, page after page quickly filling.

And now, they’re done.

It’s like breaking up with someone you’ve been dating exclusively for a very long time, and suddenly you find yourself sitting at your favorite little nook, hoping to catch a smile or a glance should they happen by, but they don’t show. Because it’s done. Over. I’m sure we’ll slide back into bed at some point as I try to get them published, but it could never be the same as what we had for all that time.

*Heavy sigh*

I miss my guys. I can’t be the only author who can’t let her characters go…I guess that’s how series came about…oh, and fan fiction…Wait…I could write a FF about my story…and save it until my book it published then post it…

Suggestions for moving on? Any advice out there?

In the meantime, I have entered Love, Darrows into PitchWars, the Sorry! edition. We’ll see on March 2nd if I made it past an entry. If not, I can and will query this baby out. *fingers crossed*

gifs from Giphy and the topmost image is my own edit.


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2 responses to “I’m lost. Again.

  1. Hang onto your boys. When ideas about them come to you, put it in *their* special notebook. In the meantime, look at their friends and ask them how *they* are doing.


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