As Homer Simpson would say…


Yeah…that about covers it.

Yesterday, I did my kill-myself-until-I-die exercise routine. Turned on the water and checked email while pacing about in my exercise gear and waiting for the hot water to kick in. In my email, I found something that had me falling to my knees and crying hysterically. My story, Love, Darrows–yes, the same baby I belly ached about last week–had a callback…um, that’s an acting term, sorry…chapters and a synopsis request. I still can’t believe it happened.

I read the thing like a zillion times, through tears and notified those that would get it…and after my very tears-of-joy-filled shower, I sat down to reply to the email.

I copied everything from my MS into Google Docs to format it for email compatibility. Then copied and pasted from there into the email as requested. Yay me for getting it in there correctly, although I had to go through and create all the necessary indentions for paragraphs. PITA, but done. Yay me for doing that correctly again.

I’m really good at this point.

Then yesterday afternoon, I had my first “D’oh! Moment” of this journey. I freaked out thinking the agent asked for a summary instead of the synopsis…which would mean I sent THE ENTIRE WRONG THING! And I freaked and the severe shakes came back…and I couldn’t face the email she sent…and after an hour I checked because I wasn’t getting anything else done…and there it was in black on a white screen: “synopsis”. Mild heart attack. No damage done. Good. I could breathe again.

Then I was trying to fix my Google Doc with indentions, a royal PITA (oooo….The Royals starts on E! this weekend!) and I found a missing word from a sentence! It had to have been lost during the copy and paste process… UGH!!!

Major panic mode two. Do I send an updated email with the word replaced or not? A quandary I have yet to figure out. All because I don’t want to look like a newb, although I am a MAJOR NEWB at this! That decision is still up in the air.

Panic Mode three. DEFCON 1!!! I keep thinking my response left a lot of information out of the body of the letter. Though I’ve Googled plenty of times of what to do when someone requests chapters or pages, the only advice was to follow the agent’s request to the letter. Which I did—Yay me! But I haven’t found anything about what to say in said letter. And I keep thinking I should have added more info…I did add the title, and thank yous and mentioned her request and label the email as requested, but I didn’t put in pages or word count, I didn’t mention YA novel…And I keep thinking I should have. Right? Did someone blog this and I missed it or wasn’t in the circuit at the time?

So today, I am left with this MAJOR D’OH! MOMENT hanging over my head, questioning every little thing I’ve done…Analyzing how wrong I’ve done it.

I thought sending queries was tough. I’m just totally clueless…

…but I am still going to keep working my way towards that ever calling goal of getting published, learning from my mistakes along the way. And I’m super glad someone got Quent. He is a hard sell, but so worth it. Love ya, Darrows!

all gifs found on {giphy}.


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2 responses to “As Homer Simpson would say…

  1. Considering the agent, I think she’s awesome enough to judge based on the content of your story and work, rather than any newbie mistakes of the process you might have made (if you made any that is). 🙂
    love the gifs.


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