Why Does it Take Sooooooo Long for a Book to Come Out?

So interesting and very informative!


By Jen Malone

There are two questions I get most often from well-intentioned family and friends.

The first is “You must be so rich now that your book is out. When does your husband quit his job?” After I stop doing this


I send them off to read this. The second is “Why does it take YEARS for your books to come out? Didn’t you finish writing that one forever ago?” Those less subtle family members *cough* my sister *cough* phrase it more along the lines of “Geez, I could have two actual babies in the time it takes you to birth a book.”


She’s not wrong. If you look at industry deal reports, most books being acquired today are being scheduled for Summer 2016 or beyond (sometimes far beyond–I’ve already seen a Fall 2017 reported). Sure, you may see some faster timelines, but it’s also entirely possible that those books…

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