Trying to keep busy.


I’ve been so nervous since the request, it’s ridiculous. I’ve barely slept, barely eaten. I can’t stop thinking about the story, over analyzing every little thing about Quent and how he talks and maybe the angle of the story…which it’s a little late now to change it.

To add to it all, I received my first no from the queries. Down to eight up in the airs,  one maybe…

To keep busy, I’ve been analyzing television shows…Hindsight had it’s majorly explosive season ender last night… and I’ve been fine-toothing the episode looking for what might happen next season and where it may end up at the very tail end of it all. It comes down to fate and destiny vs. luck and actions. Then I’ve been all about The Royals…keeping my head on the upcoming show and it’s characters and such…

The good news is, during all this “thinking” I do, I have managed to unlock a twist for this story/screenplay I’ve had mostly written for FOUR years. Meaning another project!!! YAY!!! Just what my brain needs. I guess the big question is, do I finish out the screenplay, write it out as a novel, which honestly all my notes from the screenplay is practically a novel itself, or do I opt to complete it as both…It’s something anyway. It would be great to finally complete that story, too. NA. RomCom. LGBTQ…because I just love m/m stories, but again, I don’t do the typical types of tales, making this one very different and probably odd to others. It’s what I do best, totally not following anyone.

Yay! Project!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. I’m just excited I found a cure to this plague that’s been contaminating my brain for years and years now.

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