My mind is made of Teflon.

Although I know it causes cancer…and I think you’re supposed to use that ceramic stone now…anyway, for today, I’m going with Teflon to create the bigger picture.

Every story idea I’ve toyed with had yet  to stick with me. I want to write. My fingers want to fly across the keyboard, and yet…nothing wants to be told. I’ve been trying to rewrite out Human Touch into formatting for self-pub. Sucks that it’s not sticking as a viable hobby/venture because I feel like I’ve written it a million times. Because I have written it a million times. I have three, maybe four other stories in all their first draft glories I could work on, but my mind wanders to the guys–Quent and Lex– and I start thinking about Darrows and Carter all over again. There’s one hundred and nine viable story ideas sitting in a journal, waiting to be told, and as soon as I entertain the idea, guess who shows.

Yeah, them.

I don’t know why I can’t move past them. What makes them so different from all the other characters I’ve loved (and created) before? I feel like this is writer’s block of some kind. A whole two person picket line. That if I cross, I’ll be the scab. As weird as that sounds. *rolls eyes* I need something to occupy my time…I just don’t know what to do with a one-track mind.

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