Well, here I am.

I feel like I’m in that Beetlejuice (Beetleguise, if you prefer, which I typically do) waiting room and my number is 1,209, 098,478,215,365 * ∞ and they’re calling number 2 right now. The wait is killing me…and I’m only talking about query waiting.

Now, one agent, so far, did LOVE this story, having asked for a partial, then a full manuscript, and it was eventually a “no” with a lot of explanation of why and what was loved and the one miniscule thing that didn’t appeal to her enough for her to represent…

And while I am a little–like thismuchslightly–bummed, my writer’s ego is smiling like a fool. It was the best “no” I have EVER received in my life! To me, it means I’m close, like walking-the-borderline-and-am-falling-into-the-land-of-represented-author/writer close.

I have ten other queries out in query land. I haven’t heard a thing from any of them. And I’ve recently had a thousand watt idea bulb pop on in my mind. I know exactly where I can find a small list of agents looking for a retelling in a contemporary LGBTQ story setting. (Don’t know why it didn’t click on sooner…too busy searching I guess) But, this list will have WAAAAAAAYYYY to many queries out in the electronic world of querying…and most of the advice says stick to five, so my ten is going above and beyond…

So, I’m going to ask other writer’s, authors, query-ists, or any reader with an opinion:

Should I query out to a group if I think I have a better chance? Or should I wait for a response? And how much longer should I wait? We’re teetering the six to eight week mark right now.

And advice is gratefully accepted. Thanks in advance.

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