This is going back, way back in time, without a DeLorean to get me there fast.

Okay, so my BFF (HI YOU!) asked if someone could read one of my long forgotten tales…and I don’t mind. Maybe there’s something I missed on that first draft story that still leaves it incomplete and in first draft status to this day, although I finished typing it almost three years ago. And I was thinking what else could be read. What else haven’t I finished.

As I was going back through the 73 (Yes, I have seventy-three–holy cow! I didn’t know there were that many of them–finished and unfinished files/stories, not including the idea lists) I found one of my most favorite tales tucked away in a folder. I thought it was long gone. I thought it had been lost forever when a teacher erased my hard drive last year. I remember it, but could never get back the way it read or the way it felt on the screen. To rewrite it would be to destroy it.

I’m glad I didn’t try. While it’s no longer in the style of how I write now, I cherish it immensely. The perfectionist in me wants to make it updated and fix it to what I do now, but my soul has slapped the perfectionist’s hands away. It was good enough to get quite a few likes back in the day when all my stories wound up on

While I get ff is sometimes frowned upon, Twilight FF more often than not, I am going to post it here… It was always meant to be shared within the contest I wrote it for and for everyone who just adored Jasper and the band 100 Monkeys (I miss them so hard…just miss them!). I’m not ashamed of where I came from because it’s truly helped me find myself and let me go to where I need to go. It’s all just part of this path I found one day. Without it, I wouldn’t be here now.

Why do I feel like I just gave a speech at the Oscars?


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