Dammit, Darrows!

You are awesome! Seriously, you are! Everyone that comes across your path and takes the time to get to know you seems to love you so much. So why can’t we get that love from an agent who truly wants you?

After today’s letter, I have a theory or twenty.

One. The agents that took the time to really read you, love you. They just don’t parlay the tales of myth and legend no matter how contemporary you are. I don’t know anything other than the fact they do love you.

Two. Of the noes this query round, most have been personalized. Most have said specifically why you weren’t their cup of tea, most of it is they don’t rep Cupidkind. But don’t get your wings in a twist…they love you. I’m sure if a publisher came along and said “We want something Greco-Roman and winged,” I’d be getting that call.

Three. Today’s rejection letter. Totally a form letter in reply to a query I sent out in March. Yeah, MARCH! I know! Now, the form was just basic, email-inboxes-are-full-but-you-are-always-free-to-query-an-agent-that-this-project-might-be-right-for. And I wonder if this agent even gave you a look… I mean, this person went to the bottom of the slush pile, clicked off massive denials because it had been a while and the slush needs to be cleared out. Felt like that, anyway.

Don’t get down. I still have one partial request out there and one full I haven’t heard from yet. The critique partners I’ve found seem to enjoy you a lot. Okay, maybe not one in that first chapter, but by chapter four, it’s love…of something you’re an expert in, right my Cupid? (Well, maybe not love, love, but very much like.)

So I still have hope for you and your boyfriend. I know that one day your story will be out there. The question is:

Am I going to get you to an agent or take this out on my own?

Because we can totally go it alone. (Especially since I figured out the .mobi formatting today and can do a kindle book in the blink of an eye now.)

Just know I am always keeping you at the forefront, thinking about what step to take next so that you can spread your wings and fly. In the meantime, you keep up with your Cupid job and keep making them fall in love with you.

Because in the end, Quentin Darrows, you will win them over.

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