Pitch Wars. I’m so ready to do this!

A WONDERFUL pair of expert eyes laid across the first five pages of Darrows. So many notes. Some things to fix. Some to explain. Some added words to the count, for sure.

I feel very blessed, fortunate, lucky to have had two people I trust with my written world,  three agents, five CPs, and this fellow author-in-the-making look at this in the state it’s in…To have had compliments, suggestions, and the time taken to assess this work–just truly blows my mind. I never thought I’d get this far up the pole in authoring anything back when I first started out.

Isn’t that the point of Pitch Wars, though? For an author to show off what they feel is truly stellar work and to have those who are out there in the land of hardbacks, paperbacks,and digital copies help point out things like these. To help this glorious star become polished into a sun so bright an agent is blissfully blinded by your MS?


So if you are a mentor, and you come across this post…

I am ready for whatever needs to be done. Kill me with edits, because I will come back in better-than-zombie form. Challenge me to work, because Quent has been in my head for too long and I admit, when it comes to him, I can get lazy. Drill me with questions for I can answer anything, and if i can’t, then I had better find a solution fast. I am willing to work hard until my fingers are nubs and I see nothing but lines of black letters in Times-Roman size 12 going across a white screen when I close my eyes at night. I am hungry for criticism and pointers, and anything else you dish my way.


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