Pitch Wars Mentee Bio:

Typically, I don’t follow the herd on anything. Yet, as I’ve read through the mentor bios, I’ve discovered Mentee bios…and I think it’s a great idea. Get to know me (in case one of you all google me during your decision process…) as I’ve read about you in your bio.

About Me:

Okay, not that long ago…and really it’s all on the same planet, I decided to take things I’ve written and get them published, optioned, whatever.

I’ve completed both YA and adult stories, plenty of contemporary, a dystopian, a retelling (the story I’m submitting in PitchWars this time), paranormal (as in ghost related and not supernatural like vamps and weres), RomComs, and quite a few screenplays. A few of these are series–including the one I’m submitting to you, a duology. I write LGBTQ, CIS, diverse, & unique characters and situations.

About the story I am submitting:

Believe it or not, I had the whole thing done in the crawl generator…and I tried to share it, but the links were broke. It wouldn’t email. Even the twitter links weren’t working. So I screen capped my crawl. It’s not the same. Especially when you lack the music to go along with it…*heavy sigh* It was so awesome, too!

Now for the nitty-gritty:

BOOKS? Yes please!

I read almost everything. Mostly YA.
My favorite YAs: Winger, Divergent/Four, Fangirl, Twilight’s Eclipse,  Mac/Beth , a few of the Harry Potters
My Favorite Non-YA: The Night Circus, Between the Lines, What’s Your Number?/20 Times a Lady, and so many more…some I can’t list here in case little eyes are around.

My favorite movies are easier to answer: What’s Your Number?, Playing it Cool, & Before We Go. And Back to the Future…and Goonies…Ferris Bueller and Star Wars…really I like anything with a good immersive tale, but those are specifically the ones I’ve watched a million times over.

Music is necessary: I like musical scores more than songs I can sing too. And please don’t ask me to dance to any of it…Because I am just that awkward…

And seriously. Awkward in movement is entirely…accurate. At the beginning of July, I broke my finger walking up the front walk…my phone didn’t die though… It hasn’t stopped me from typing up a storm, either.

I love to laugh. My humor holds an age rage like a Lego set: Ages 5 – 105.

If you look up FanGirl in the dictionary, my image is there. I’m in my Captain America t-shirt, showing off my Star Wars (Han Solo related) Tattoo, while holding up my comic con badge, smiling behind purple glasses…
see also, NerdGirl, GeekGirl.

I do love a good crossover. The BFF IRL related me to Pixar recently…and I LOVE that compliment. Everything I’ve written is connected in some way, though the stories are unrelated overall.

And (like the “you all” above) I tend to stick to almost Texan when I write. It’s not intentional…just ingrained from my time in Texas.

*editing to add* : I can’t believe I forgot my Britishisms…meaning you’ll most likely see a word spelled our used as though I’ve lived in England. I haven’t visited anywhere in the UK yet…it just happens naturally.

The most important thing to know:


Nope. Work doesn’t deter me. Tough honest comments won’t upset me…I mean, how else will I learn what’s right and what’s wrong? Okay, I’ll beam and shine with a compliment, but you tell me when something is just rotten…a description or the way something is phrased. I want that feedback. I need it.

Why chose me?

Well, I am sure everyone has said I’m a hard worker and this is important to them…and I can say the same. But I will add that I have queried this story and had a few agents read the whole MS only to say no. I want to know why. I want to improve what my blind authoring eyes see as perfection. I want an agent to say YES. That’s currently my writing/authoring/querying goal. And I am willing to do what it takes to make it happen.

So, Mentors [and my lovely blog readers] if you’ve read this, thank you. I appreciate the time you’re taking to read through more of the random blathering I tend to do on this blog. Just the fact you’re here, I am honored.

Is it weird I look like her since I got my haircut? I promise I’m not an evil orphanage house mother.


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2 responses to “Pitch Wars Mentee Bio:

  1. This is a cool idea!
    Want to hear a bad pun?
    Here’s a stick of gum for you….
    because I want you to be
    mentee fresh!


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