Aaaaaannnnnndddddd…I’m done!!!

AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH The stress of it all!!!

I didn’t think I’d make it. For the past week and a half, I’ve been banging my head…

Thanks to Windows 10…which installed and worked great for like fifteen minutes…until it decides I need to restart and update everything  else on my computer. Then all it would do is flicker…the screen, anything I clicked for two minutes until I couldn’t move the arrow any more…the arrow keys weren’t working…And I had to restore my computer to an old point.

Then Word was having issues. And the doc I had saved and formatted wasn’t right anymore. It wouldn’t let me edit the doc saying it was locked. Meaning Windows 10 locked it? Or it thought I was someone else after install? I don’t know. Fine. I copied and pasted from a copy I had on file on my separate hard drive. The problem was, it was PDF and Word wouldn’t let me format that…Which I have done a zillion times before…but not this time.

And I had already sent in my PitchWars application…Like midnight the night before all this death and dismemberment happened. And I freaked out! I uninstalled and unregistered Word. Reinstalled and re-registered Word. I still couldn’t copy and paste, but I got the formatting to work again. I had no options left. It was either re-type in case a PitchWars Mentor chooses me or forfeit and pull Darrows from the competition.

Really, there was no choice. SO I’ve spent every day of the last week or so typing all 89,927 words into the proper format, ignoring all Twitter accounts, all emails…everyone. Although, I will say I had to take a few breaks every evening. I wound up doing research for a new story. And cried because I was worried I wouldn’t be finished in time. And cried because I hated ignoring everyone.

But I’m done! I can dance and celebrate and enjoy the stress of waiting on the PitchWars choices…Come, dance with me!!!

Also complete this past week:

  • The gross stage of going shampooless. I won’t ever use that awesome-smelling, frothy concoction ever again. My hair has never been better.
  • Cleaning off my desk–which was a major chore in itself…as in it hasn’t been cleaned off and organized in a year.
  • School shopping
  • Four über important calls including one to the garbage company about a $400 bill. O.o! Yeah. Turns out they coded my bill wrong. It’s fixed now. Heart attack averted.
  • Shoe shopping
  • Found a pair of Captain America socks for girls…for me, even if they are pink.
  • Named all the spiders in my life. Gave them super hero identities and mortal enemies.
  • Lament my dog today on National Dog Day. Love you Winston D Dog!!!

It’s been a productive week and a half or so. I feel like I can breathe again. My hands aren’t suffering through a severe case of the shakes anymore. And I am going to celebrate and watch some movies–a fangirl’s job is never done–and try to imagine the PitchWars wait time ending with a fantastic bang in the form of:

I’d like to see more Darrows.


**gifs found on

***Windows 10 is so not for me. I’ll keep my 7, thank you.

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