Dane Cook said:

{Instagram post here}

I’m so fucking inspired by @matt87chevy here. Hard work is hard work no matter who you are or what your story is. Self doubt is a signal that you know how to ignite the spark inside you to move towards what you love and where you need to be.

Of course it’s scary. Change is scary but It’s worth it the minute you begin. It’s all that pre worrying shit you need to push past.

You know what always terrified me? The comfort zone. That area where you just exist and don’t know what is around the corner so you don’t look. No way.

This picture should be your wallpaper until you get your shit together. From everyone that is making a strong move on the board today because of your determination photographed here I say thank you Matt.

And it was the perfect thing…ILY, Dane Cook.
I was definitely frustrated.
I don’t know why I let one person’s opinion wreck me and my book so hard…especially when so many other comments have barely dinged me.
[albeit, they were helpful more than harmful]
Needless to say, I am going through the my Sketchbook Project commitment, and I am definitely writing another story, and finishing the one I’ve been writing.

PS…thanks to kiTT for unconsciously helping, too.
PPS or is it PSS? … And to the muse who won’t get out of my head!
PPPS or the other way…How’s the new theme looking from there?

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09.03.2015 · 9:35 pm

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