I want to write that line.

(WARNING: This post may get slightly okay, totally fangirly…also SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched What’s Your Number?)

There is one line…one moment of one of my FAVORITE ALL-TIME MOVIES that melts me every time I hear it. It brings a tear to the corner of my eye. My heart patters in a jubilant beat. A sigh floats from my mouth as silent wishes for my own line like that go out into the universe.

THE MOVIE: What’s Your Number?

THE CHARACTER: Colin Shea ~ Chris Evans

Yeah, he wanders through a lot of the movie in his camo/grey undies or hand towels…

Hey, 6A.

And I get that. I do. But that’s never been why I LOVE THIS MOVIE so much.

Colin is quite the character. He makes love to a sandwich like no one can.

He’s adorably nosy, taking over “open house” bathrooms, Ally’s playlist and bathtub, going as far as to try wiring lighting for her.

He’s humorous. His view on life is quirky and funny.

And he says the right things at the right times:

“You look so beautiful in the morning.”–when her old boyfriends were too shallow or never bothered.

But there is one line…the one I keep thinking about as I gear up to write this RomCom…I keep thinking of this line. And how this is the “one moment” that made me love Colin and Ally together, that made me melt and swoon…that made this right at the top of my FAVORITE MOVIES OF ALL-TIME!

Ally Darling (Anna Farris) and Colin Shea (Chris Evans) have gone to see a puppeteer who was one of Ally’s former…conquests, for lack of a better word. And she’s bummed after realizing this Muppet-mad Gerry Perry still wants her younger sister Daisy over her. And Ally wonders if any of the twenty guys she’s been with will ever be worthy, lamenting the loss of the possible one, Jake Adams. And the conversation goes:

Colin: Which one of the twenty could have possibly been better than Jake Adams and why aren’t we looking for him?

Ally: You already found him.

Colin: Gerry Perry? You lost your virginity to the puppeteer?

Ally: I know! I felt bad for him?

Colin: [laughing] Oh, Ally. I underestimated you. That’s amazing. That’s…that’s my new favorite thing about you.

That line. “That’s my new favorite thing about you.” I think it’s the ultimate in show-not-tell. The best line written in a screenplay. The best line spoken on the screen.

To me, it means:
Colin has been making a list of things he likes about Ally Darling. He’s making notes about these things that tickle him outside of free sandwiches and a place to hide out from the previous night’s…girl. That Colin had something about Ally he loved so much, he heralded it as his favorite of all…until the Gerry Perry admission… and it took everything else he loved about her and shoved it down a notch. That he admits he loves her without going outright…and she’s just to blind in desperation to keep her guy number at twenty to see…


That’s the perfect line. Whether it truly is something that qualifies as show-not-tell…Even if NO ONE ELSE seems to have caught that moment or they just gloss over it like it was nothing major…It’s major.

I want this in my book. I want something for C to say to V along these lines, telling her everything in his heart without saying it outright because he knows she’ll run off…

I want to write this!

As soon as SoS is done, I will. I already have a journal full of ideas and notes. Until the moment I get ready to write it, though, I will keep reading and watching RomComs…which brings me to a trip to the bookstore… Where after some extensive shopping/browsing, I’ve made some interesting notes about what’s out there…

Until I can get a moment to post those…Happy writing and RomCom’ing!

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