Is fanfiction really that bad?

Really? Seriously?

In my opinion, no. But then, that’s where writing really came back into my life. I found it through reading and writing my own stories during a the hyper-Twi-fangirl moment years. I never saw it as something horrible and to only be whispered about…unless you’re reading that sort of fic…but it’s not entirely bad. It’s a way to celebrate what you love most about the characters. Take them and give them different situations and lives. There are fics for everything from Star Wars to Captain America to Dr. Who and Harry Potter. Though, honestly, I have only ventured into the realm of Twilight fanfiction…

by Alex at TheKaskProject-art

Then I saw that pic on tumblr one day last week. It’s AMAZING!
(see Alex’s blog here: {Adventures of a Shippy Mind} )
This is like two of my Happy Chris Evans worlds colliding into one great masterpiece.
And the story of Bucky Barnes meets Colin Shea exploded in my head. “Hey, 6B.” was born.

And because I am desperately trying to get away from SoS before I hate that story…because I hit a major block there, though I knew where it went wrong and what to fix, it’s not clicking still…and I want to save this next story, Wings, for NaNoWriMo this year (last year, I started Darrows far too soon), I am going to tackle a quick fic or two.

A lot of authors seem to frown on fics. I don’t know why, really. Is it not an original story? For the most part, yes. But just because there are characters that have been created by someone else, doesn’t mean the story can’t be unique and original. There are plenty of books in the bookstore that are retellings using characters we have known forever.

Each one of those stories have been written using characters of someone else’s story. Characters we all know, whether we love them or not. Each one is an independent tale of the character, intriguing and fulfilling in every way. These types of books are accepted and loved by many. Does it really make a difference if the story is commissioned to be written and sold for profit? No. Because those fiction authors and artists do it more from the standpoint of love for the character and story.

On the converse side of that, there are a few out there that started out as fanfics, but are now independent, full-fledged original stories.

Disclaimer: I have read Beutiful Bastard in both incarnations, fic and novel. I have not read Fifty Shades in any incarnation. Wallbanger I read as a fic, I own on Kindle.

And I’m not saying every story out there is literary gold. I’m not saying that every story out there is right or wrong. What I am saying is that every story out there is just as original and worthy of one’s time. Profit lines shouldn’t matter–though I know they do. It’s all supposed to be fun and enjoyment in a shared love.

And that’s how I see it. I don’t care if I lose credibility points as an author. That’s really on the person judging. I’ll be proud of this no matter. Granted, this past week, I went back and forth over writing it. I do need to keep off one story for sanity purposes. I do need to put off another story for a fun little writing competition. And this is all for fun. I’ve always wanted to combine something awesome outside of Twilight and Fright Night (still have never published that one, but I do love the story so much)… And this is what’s calling my name. I will post it to Ao3, under my “Storywrtr” moniker. I will post it on my tumblr–Storywrtr. I am thinking of posting it here.

I’m so uber exicited to be going back to where this journey began!

“Flux capacitor fluxing.”

Long live fanfiction and nostalgia!


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6 responses to “Is fanfiction really that bad?

  1. Panda

    I used to write fan fiction about a boyband I liked and created stories and situations where they would fall in love with me and we’d be married in 10 years. It’s what really sparked my love of writing. I’ve been trying to write and finish a successful non-fanfiction story but I’m finding it difficult (although I only ever finished like 7 out of the 50 fanfics I started). I really enjoy reading about this topic and agree with all of your points! πŸ™‚


    • Thank you. I thinks it’s as amazing that you found writing through Fanfiction, too. Even if you didn’t finish a story…doesn’t matter, because you love it. Good luck in your writing!!! Hope something clicks soon! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have a lot to say on this subject for both sides, but ultimately if writing FF is part of your creative process and it is allowed by the original author, then I say go for it.

    I wouldn’t judge if another writer said that part of their creative process was playing Nintendo video games, walking through a museum gallery, marathoning a show on Netflix, or going to a beer fest and trying various beer flavors. Everyone needs something to tap into, to connect with to help them in their creative process to make the writing process easier. If you are being influenced by a certain thing right now, then you have to tap into that and ride the wave of creativity while it is there! πŸ™‚


  3. kitt

    I should be writing my own stuff. πŸ™‚ Well, I mean, I have. I should be ‘completing’ my own stuff is more like it. *sigh*


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