Great Scott!

the Marty McFly print is from CC2015.

Today, at 4:27 pm (Pacific), Marty McFly will arrive in the future Hill Valley! And by tonight, every single moment of Back to the Future (all of them) will be in the past. Sorta sad about that.

Jennifer  is about to find out she got married in The Chapel O’ Love…which she can’t complain, she married Marty McFly!!!

My fangirl heart is going insane!!!
I’ve been waiting for this day to arrive since I first watched BTTF2 in November 1989.

So, how are you spending this day? Doing nothing as it doesn’t matter? Going all out fangirl? Hoping to help Elijah Wood ace the standing Atari arcade game, Wild Gunman? Okay, if you wanna celebrate and are stuck for something to do, here are some suggestions:

watch JAWS 19 ◄|||

Okay, so we don’t have Jaws 19. And though holographic movies aren’t the norm, movies in 3D seem to come out every week. So that prediction is half true.

Take a ride in a Hover Car ◄|||

Not a real thing. Sorta really bummed about that one.

Oh, hit the ramps with a Hoverboard ◄|||

Well, they do exist in a way. Mattel put out one a few years ago, but there was no hover magic to it. And the real ones can only be used on one specific surface. Which is great if you live near that.

Try on the auto-lace NIKES ◄|||

You can try on NIKES that look similar, but you gotta tie them yourself.

Lego Fun ◄|||

SO what if you have to use your hands. I don’t think it’s a baby toy.

“Stop with the face, Marty. I promise you won’t be an A-hole…it’s your kids.” – Doc Brown

(DeLorean hits 88 mph in the skies over Hill Valley. Sparks fly. They almost hit a plane. The DeLorean lands in an alley way in downtown Hill Valley 2015.)

“Wow…The future, Doc. This is heavy.” -Marty

Don’t forget to change out your license plates to the newer versions ◄|||

You can always celebrate by reading a book today. ◄|||

Or watch a movie or three◄|||

Umm… Ignore Star Wars. The trailer came out for that and I need an a-thon soon…it wound up in today’s mix.
And yes, I am including Teen Wolf in the mix for BTTF. Because if BTTF hadn’t become popular like it did, Teen Wolf would still be sitting in a can in some movie studio’s archives, never having seen the light of day. (Oooo..Another Michael J Fox move, Light of Day. With Joan Jett. Sorry, fangirl knowledge interrupts often.)

Throwback Wednesday:

To the time one of the actual DeLoreans was at Comic Con!!! ◄|||

The Flux Capacitor was not fluxing that day.

The time circuits weren’t on either, but a few of the other dash equipment was still up to par.

Marty’s old board from BTTF. The camcorder that recorded history. The DeLorean’s remote control.

Or order a Pepsi Perfect and enjoy some spoofy BTTF all in the name of fun! ◄|||

SNL BTTF Auditions part one and two

No matter how you spend this day, just make it a happy one. I think that’s rule one in BTTF.
*looks at Doc Brown* Enjoy life and live it to it’s fullest.
*looks at Marty McFly* Rule 2: You can do anything you set your mind to.

Even if it’s getting published. Right, George McFly?
And, Shelly, kiTT…You both know Nikki is dragging McClane and Jaden out to the theatres tonight to watch BTTF on the big screen.
I know I am with the Teams!


Somewhere on her desk…Captain America stands, leery eyed as he watches Doc and Marty. Ready to act if need be.

Cap’s thinking: She never takes them out of the box. Never. Though she should. If they don’t get to live free and enjoy their bobblehead lives, they’ll become like Stinky Pete and take us all out. Doc Brown is already giving me that gosh darn “Go to heck” expression. I should warn him about  his language, but I know I am Target-One since she lets me run free all the time.

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