Review: The Real Real

The Real Real
The Real Real by Emma McLaughlin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Do you enjoy the Real Housewives of whatever town they want to feature? Do you enjoy MTV and all that nuttiness from those old shows like The Real World or Road Rules where those people are insta-celebs and you never get rid of them?

Neither do I…(okay, so I watched Real World and Road Rules back in the day)…which is why I LOVED this book. It’s all of that, but behind the scenes. Ish.

This is the (Not-in-a-million-years) true story of six Hampton kids picked to star in XTV’s new reality show, highlighting the spoiled masses who grow up in the Hamptons–Nico, Jase, Rick, Melanie…Jesse-with-no-I and Drew. Okay, so Jesse and Drew are just normal, trying to make their way int he screwed up world of high school, kids who got lumped into the rich and spoiled world of this faux reality XTV is making.

I always knew those reality shows were scripted!

And for Jesse, who’s crushing on Drew, the faux of this reality of this show is just the beginning of the chaos to follow–It’s tough trying to survive in the world of Doritos and Gucci.

This book was better than any reality show out there. Better than those stupid gossip mags. Better than just a typical rom-com/teen romance/teen drama book out there. It was so much fun to read Jesse and hang out in that crazy world these past few days. And the drama lasted up until the last few pages when…well, I won’t say anything more than I was happy with that ending!

Definitely Recommend. And while this book wasn’t tagged as YA on Amazon, I feel it’s great as YA or even NA.

*A JANU-RANDOM BOOK* – Just reading what appeals this month. Starting off the month/year with a total winner.

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