Reading Theme: January 2016.

This reading theme thing is fantastic. I wish I thought about it years ago. Instead of spending weeks looking through my books, trying to whittle my choices down, I stick to the theme and read from there. I haven’t been lost for a book to read in just over six months. Yay!

Last month (December 2015), what little I did read, was Star Wars related books…as if that isn’t painfully obvious to figure out as to why.

Well, the plan I had, was to read The Force Awakens, the book last month. But, only the Kindle version was released. And while I do have a Kindle and could read it, I want the hardback book more. Because Barnes & Noble has a special edition version with bonus stuff coming out…and that’s the one I want need want need, making this month’s theme a little more difficult to come up with.

Or not.

I mean, for Christmas, I get an assortment of books anyway–from graphic novels to longer-than-years-thick books to quirky reads.

 JANU-RANDOM it is! Any book from any genre/theme as long as it’s newer than older.

What are you reading this month?


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