Review: Civil War

Civil War
Civil War by Mark Millar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think I can say for a fact this book is a solid four for me. There were a lot of other people who didn’t like it because they didn’t know the characters or backstories, but for me, sad or not, I wasn’t that lost. I knew/know the majority of characters here whether through the MCU or MU discussions I’ve had…and some googling back when Fantastic Four (the original ones with Chris Evans and Jessica Alba) was first out.

If you are considering this to read, I do recommend having a somewhat knowledge of the Marvel Universe. Even if what you know is from the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), you should be okay. The stories as you know them, though, may not align entirely.

What did I like about this? Well, obviously Captain America (as I am a fangirl of Chris Evans). I enjoyed the reasoning for the Civil War and why it got started–pretty much under similar circumstances as the upcoming film, but kept to the US only. I understood both sides, and stick with who I think is in the right.

The thing I think I enjoyed beyond all these characters I knew from X-men, Spider-man, FF, and The Avengers, was the humor. It’s tough and deep and dark when the heroes you look up to are at war with each other. It helps to have a laugh here and there.

Not just in the writing (one instance where Spidey is fighting Mr. Fantastic. Mr Fantastic says, “Amazing.” Spider-man replys, “Spectacular!”) but also in the images. Towards the beginning when Cap and his team go into hiding and Director Fury has issued new identities. Well, Cap was a pilot and the artist(s) had him in a creepy mustache…

And the details were great, too…because as the pilot, Steve Rodger’s eyes went from that pretty blue to a brown. I’m assuming color contacts were employed?

The art was whole on comic book typical, but so mesmerizing as you scan through the full page images and take in all the characters drawn into that small space.

Civil War my image

Civil War my image

As I studied the images, the thought kept running through my mind: If they had only let the original Johnny Storm into the cinematic Civil war, we’d have Double the Chris Evans, Double the Fun.

Captain America found on giphy

Johnny Storm found on giphy

Though explaining them as being twins or something really wouldn’t work at all.

Sorry…it’s the fangirl thing…moving on now.

The story…Not that long ago, I did google ahead and read both the graphic novel canon and the MCU canon for this story. I won’t spoil it, but, again, both stories seem to align. Cap…after all of that…I…Let’s just leave it with I’m not going to spoil it.

Definitely worth a read. I wouldn’t advise it if you want to avoid spoilers for Captain America: Civil War, because there are pieces that definitely overlap.

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2 responses to “Review: Civil War

  1. I agree with you’re rating of 4 stars. However, the problem with Civil War (and all of the other recent comic mega-events) is that the story is spread over so many months and so many magazines. I haven’t seen the entire Civil War storyline published in a single volume yet.


    • I’m okay with where it ended…only because I know what’s coming and I want to avoid reading/seeing that for as long as possible! LoL. But I do agree on the limited amount of books they put into one of these compilations. Not enough of the full story the majority of the time.

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